Internship Drive Begins

Our latest Internship Drive has begun, in the MBA Forum section. We have over 100 listings this time around, including for positions based in the U.S., Asia, Europe and South America. VC, LBO, I-bank, operating companies… You want it, we’ve probably got it.

Just as a reminder, each firm contacted me to say that it is looking for a first-year MBA to serve as an intern this summer. Some firms are looking for multiple interns, some for just one. Some firms have identified themselves, while others prefer to remain confidential. In each listing, there is a contact email address to which candidates can send a cover letter, CV and anything else you feel will help secure an interview.

Every MBA program has been given an Access Code to MBA Forum, usually via the private equity or venture capital club heads. If that fails, just send me an email (but really, do ask first — I’m getting deluged). Good Luck!