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Invincea Announces Growth Capital and Acquisition

Invincea, a provider of malware threat protection via virtualization, has secured $5.1 million in new funding. The company has also announced the acquisition of high profile talent from HP/ArcSight and RSA/NetWitness. The round of growth capital was led by Harbert Venture Partners, Grotech Ventures, and New Atlantic Ventures to expand Invincea’s corporate sales, engineering, and marketing.


Invincea, Inc., the innovator in malware threat protection via virtualization, today announced $5.1 million in new funding and the acquisition of high profile talent from HP/ArcSight and RSA/NetWitness to capitalize on the rapidly growing interest in the company’s innovative security solutions.
The security landscape shifted dramatically in 2011 with very high profile breaches of stock exchanges, financial institutions, large corporate enterprises, government agencies, national laboratories, state and local law enforcement, universities, and even the most heralded security firms. As evidenced by the headlines, not a single sector of the industrialized economy has gone untouched. 2011 has also seen confirmation of the breadth of perpetrators, from nation-sponsored hacker groups, to organized crime, to hacktivists with political agendas, and even lone wolves.
However, the common denominator among the attacks is that the user remains the target. Adversaries are getting into corporate networks by co-opting users through sophisticated spear phishes and opportunistic infections via the browser. This reality has put Invincea’s industry-leading solution for insulating users from untrusted content through virtualization in high demand, and the company is growing rapidly. Market recognition of Invincea’s innovative approach includes numerous awards, as well as interest and investment from all corners of the market:
Funding Growth: Received $5.1 million in growth capital led by Harbert Venture Partners, Grotech Ventures, and New Atlantic Ventures to expand Invincea’s corporate sales, engineering, and marketing
Selling Power: Interest and buzz in Invincea’s technology from public and private sectors alike is enabling the company to dramatically expand its sales department and attract top tier talent from successful security companies. The company proudly announces the following appointments:
World Wide Vice President of Sales – Christopher Smith, formerly ArcSight Eastern Vice President of Sales
With over 20 years of executive sales experience, Smith brings to the table a passion and strong track record for building great teams. In his role at ArcSight, he helped drive sales to over $300M, which resulted in a successful IPO and ultimately a sale to HP for $1.5B.
Before ArcSight, Smith managed strategic account sales at Mercury, the global leader in Business Technology Optimization. His near 9-year tenure helped drive sales to $1B, which resulted in a successful IPO and sale to HP for $4.5B.
Director of Federal Sales – Rob Cahill, formerly NetWitness, federal sales
Senior Consultant, Client Services – Rebecca Quinn, formerly NetWitness, client services
Regional and national sales team growth with the addition of PJ Bihuniak, Nick Keller, Ken Kreitzer, and Tom Mitchell — all formerly of ArcSight
Commenting on his decision to leave ArcSight and join the Invincea team, Chris Smith said, “Success begins in understanding how to solve complex industry problems in a simple, meaningful way that clients openly embrace. In looking at the Invincea product and approach to market, I saw these traits clearly exemplified.”
Innovating for Impact:
Invincea is now being deployed across the Departments of Defense and Energy and Federal Civilian agencies
The company continues to grow its presence across highly targeted corporate environments now including dozens of industry verticals including oil and gas, high tech, financial services, defense, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and energy to name but a few. Invincea’s solutions are in place within
Four of the Fortune 10
Nearly 10 percent of the Fortune 100
Recognized Leadership:
Invincea CEO Anup Ghosh was recently appointed as a member of the National Academy of Engineering’s Naval Studies Board to contribute to the development of the US Navy’s future cyber security strategies.

Additionally, Dr. Ghosh was asked by the US Air Force to be a consultant to the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board pending White House approval, wherein he will be providing guidance and expertise on cyber situational awareness in support of the US Air Force’s future cyber strategy.

SINET 16 Innovator: Out of hundreds of applicants, Invincea was selected as a one of 16 new companies to present to an audience of representatives from defense, homeland security, intelligence, and civilian federal agencies as well commercial, investment, and research communities.

GOVTek Executive Government Technology Awards 2012: Invincea is a contender for two categories — “Best Security Solution” and “Top 20 Solution Providers to Watch for in 2012”

SC Magazine Awards 2012: Invincea is a finalist for “Rookie of the Year”

“Our corporations and governments are quickly realizing that it’s not just customer information that is being stolen, but our ability as a country to be competitive in the global economy,” said Anup Ghosh, Founder and CEO of Invincea. “Even more concerning is the fact that the security technologies we currently depend on were built in the 20th century and can no longer compete against the current threat. Invincea is one of a new breed of security technology companies that are producing solutions that prevent intrusions from breaching the network in the first place. The market is now recognizing that prevention is not a failed strategy and is beginning to adopt innovative solutions that reduce the cost of cyber threats by stopping them in their tracks.”
About Invincea
Invincea is the premier innovator in malware threat protection via virtualization to protect enterprise networks from cyber threats including spear phishing. The company’s solutions offer a unique ability to protect networks against all types of threats directed at end users — including zero-days — by seamlessly moving applications that render untrusted content into controlled secure virtual environments that automatically detect and terminate threats in real time. Invincea Browser Protection and Invincea Document Protection seamlessly move the browser and PDF reader from the native operating system into fully virtualized and secure environments without changing the user experience. The products also harness desktop resources without requiring additional network bandwidth or footprint. The company, which was founded by Anup Ghosh to address the rapidly increasing security threat from Web-based malware, has commercialized technology originally built under DARPA funding. The company is venture capital-backed and based in Fairfax, Va.