IPOs Are Back

Venture capitalists have been griping about Sarbanes Oxley and the lack of public market exits for a couple of years now. Recently, theyve started whistling a more optimistic tune.

Funds stand poised to make significant returns in the next few months, with a slew of venture-backed offerings coming to market and waiting in the pipeline. Last weeks star offering- the $139 million IPO of BigBand Networks, a developer of technology for distributing digital media, provided the latest big public market exit.

Venture funds invested $90 million in BigBand over six rounds of financing between 1999 and 2004, according to Thomson Financial. Redpoint Ventures and CRV are the largest venture stockholders in BigBand, owning 23% and 19%, respectively, of outstanding shares after the offering. Redpoints shares were worth $221 million and CRVs were worth $187 million as of the close of first-day trading Thursday.

BigBands offering is one of several launched in recent weeks by VC-backed companies which raised initial funding during the dot-com boom. Other recent offerings include those carried out by wireless broadband network builder Clearwire, which raised $600 million in its IPO the week before BigBands debut, and security service provider SoureFire, which raised $78 million in its IPO.

More offerings are in the works, too. Overall, IPO filings by VC-backed companies on U.S. exchanges are up in 2007. So far, IPO returns are also up a bit. As of mid-March, 12 venture-backed companies had gone public in 2007, raising a total of $1.74 billion, according to Thomson Financial, compared to 20 IPOs raising $1.6 billion in Q4 of 2006.

Is it the start of another IPO boom? Venture capitalists arent sure, but most seem to it as inarguably a positive development.

“I think its the beginning of an up cycle,” says Santo Politi, general partner at Spark Capital, and a former director of BigBand. “Theres clearly an appetite in the market for new issues with high growth rates.”

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