Iron Capital Buys EnviroTech Capital

Iron Capital, a venture-focused private equity services firm, has acquired EnviroTech Capital, a research, investment and consulting firm focused on the cleantech market. No financial terms were disclosed.

Iron Capital today announced its acquisition of EnviroTech Capital, an experienced and respected research, investment, and consulting practice focused on clean technology.

Based in Boston, EnviroTech Capital has a proven track record of clean technology projects that leverage technical and financial expertise to build companies and bring returns to investors. As a longtime affiliate of Iron Capital, the acquisition of EnviroTech Capital delivers new, high-quality investment opportunities, a dedicated team of clean tech experts, and a new presence on the East Coast to Iron Capital and its investors.

Iron Capital focuses on fully vetting and investing only in high-technology and clean-technology companies that have disruptive business models and target a large, addressable market. The Iron Capital team is committed to working proactively toward company success and sharing their long track record of industry, start-up, and entrepreneurial experience. The acquisition of EnviroTech Capital is inline with these goals, and will deliver a new level of vetted companies and opportunities.

“The acquisition of EnviroTech Capital is a strategic opportunity for Iron Capital and our investors to expand and grow the clean technology practice,” said Jason Blum, CEO, Iron Capital. “By forming one team that spans two coasts we are bringing onboard respected clean technology advisors, we are greatly expanding our breadth and depth of knowledge and investments in this sector, and we are expanding Iron Capital’s East Coast reach.”

EnviroTech Capital will assume the Iron Capital name, and will integrate its research, investment, and consulting into Iron Capital’s respective business units.

“It is forecast that clean technology investments will explode in the next five years, encouraged by the $400 billion entering the sector globally, in the form of government economic stimulus allocations,” said Kristen Reinhardt, President, EnviroTech Capital. The sentiment was echoed by Fred Ramberg, Managing Director, EnviroTech Capital. “With this in mind we are excited to join the Iron Capital team and further expand the opportunities for clean technology investment and growth. Our team is committed to clean technology, and, by joining Iron Capital, we will be able to provide even more impact for this important sector.”

Iron Capital takes an exceptional hands-on commitment to the success and acceleration of high-quality companies and start-ups included in their funds. Iron Capital funds differ greatly from the traditional VC because individual Iron Capital investors can now practice their own personal discretion on each and every investment. Typical VCs lock up pooled capital for 10 to 15 years, while Iron Capital’s funds attempt to provide liquidity options at every financing event. Transparency is created through the firm’s single purpose LLCs and funds, enabling easier accounting, tracking, and management of an individual investment.

Iron Capital has already made successful investments in early stage companies. Iron Capital invested in Fusion-io, a leading provider of enterprise solid-state technology and high-performance I/O solutions, when it was only 11 employees. Iron Capital has helped it grow to more than 125 employees, while advising them on $67 million of equity funding and $20 million of debt. In year one, Fusion-io grew revenues 100% quarter over quarter, with more than 400 enterprise customers and three global distribution agreements with HP, IBM, and Sumitomo Corporation. Fusion-io was also named a Top 100 Global Company by Red Herring in February 2009 and nominated by BusinessWeek readers for the magazine’s annual Most Innovative Company list for 2010.

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