Jesse Draper Interviews Craig Newmark

I know. I said I wasn’t going to post another episode of Jesse Draper’s show, and here I am, posting another episode of Jesse Draper’s show. Let me say two things about that: first, it’s a very slow news week in venture land. I sense that most VCs are either celebrating the start of their kids’ school year or recovering from their coastal vacations. But I’m also linking to the show because Draper’s questions are getting, slowly but surely, better. In this new installment, featuring Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, I learned from Newmark for example, that his “exit strategy is death.” (Oops! Sorry, eBay.) Other interesting tidbits to come out of the exchange: apparently, there’s someone in San Francisco who will bring goats to a private residence to clear out undergrowth (for a price, they chewed up Newmark’s backyard), and you can’t sell live animals on Craigslist. (Thankfully, there was no follow-up question about dead ones).

Don’t watch the first 40 seconds of the clip if you want to make it to the actual interview.

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