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James Baxter Adds Association of Corporate Counsel Post

James Baxter was named publications chairman of the Financial Services Committee for the Association of Corporate Counsel. Baxter is the chairman for New York Global Group Inc., a middle-market focused private equity and corporate advisory firm.


New York Global Group, Inc., a leading middle market focused private equity and corporate advisory firm specializing in Asia related projects announces that New York Global Group Chairman James N. Baxter was named Publications Chairman, of the Financial Services Committee for the Association of Corporate Counsel, an organization that includes the world’s largest community of in-house legal counsels in over 75 countries.

Mr. Baxter commented: “I gladly accept the opportunity to participate in the leadership of this Committee, chaired by Marlaine McVisk, Assistant General Counsel of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago. The Committee serves 1,800 members by enhancing corporate governance and member education. I’m pleased to serve this group of talented corporate counsels worldwide”

Mr. James N. Baxter, a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Law School, has more than 30 years of Wall Street experience in investment banking, corporate and securities law. He was formerly an attorney at Sullivan & Cromwell where he advised on large IPOs and leveraged financings. He’s also the former Head of Far East Investment Banking Office at Merrill Lynch and the former Head of the Pension Services Group at Salomon Brothers, where he led multi-billion dollar transactions. Additionally, Mr. Baxter has served as a FINRA arbitrator for more than 15 years.

Mr. Benjamin Wey, New York Global Group president commented: “NYGG recognizes Chairman James Baxter’s accomplishments and congratulates him on the appointment.”

New York Global Group (“NYGG”) is a leading private equity firm specializing in Asian related projects that has executed more than 200 Asian related transactions in corporate finance, investments, market entry and due diligence advisory. With access to more than $500 million in investment capital and offices in Beijing and Wall Street, NYGG serves private sector businesses and public companies listed on global stock exchanges. In November 2011, Harbin Electric, Inc., , a NYGG portfolio company was acquired in an $800 million merger acquisition resulting in 1200% investment returns for its initial U.S. based investors, the largest U.S. listed Chinese company being taken private in the U.S. in 2011. Another China based company China Fire and Security was acquired for $265 million.