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Josh Elman Joins Greylock As Prinicpal

Greylock Partners said Josh Elman will join the firm as a principal starting Monday. The company released the news in a blog post. Elman most recently was a product manager at Twitter.


I’m very happy to announce here that Josh Elman is joining Greylock Partners as a Principal starting Monday. We’re super excited that he’s joining, because he both fits so well into the team and values that we have here, but also for the new qualities that he’s bringing to the team.

Josh is a product thinker first and foremost, even back to his time at Stanford in Symbolic Systems. He’s had an astonishing run of finding incredibly interesting social Internet products and working on them; his track record includes RealNetworks, Zazzle, LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter — a run of amazing products and companies that I think is unmatched. Along the way, he’s been a developer, manager & product manager, and has run programs related to LinkedIn Jobs, Facebook Connect, Twitter Growth and more — and like a number of us at Greylock, Josh has already been integral in working on products used by hundreds of millions of people around the world.

So please welcome Josh to Greylock, where we’ll continue to build our culture of product oriented, operators who can help evolve the venture capital business and continue Greylock’s long history of finding and funding category leaders and great entrepreneurs. I’m really looking forward to working with Josh and learning from him in the coming years.