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Just Linking Around…

Apologies for the light opining so far this week, but I’ve been consumed by news overload and meetings related to a new project I’m working on (details to come shortly). In the meantime, some quick content to fill your appetites…

*** Clint Chao of Formative Ventures on his investment litmus test: Does he want to be your VP of sales?

*** Andy Sack of Judy’s Book with some brief ideas on removing the boredom from the boardroom.

*** NY Times Dealbook learns that Wall Street acumen does not necessarily translate to the golf course.

*** QuizTime: While Morgan Stanley re-enters the private equity market, other I-banks continue to leave. Can you name the most recent big-name bank whose private equity team has gone independent? Or perhaps the latest insurance company fund-of-funds group that’s doing the same?

*** No major bombshells during yesterday’s AA Capital hearing in Chicago – mostly just procedural matters. But I do have some info on the union pension systems that allegedly were defrauded. They are: Carpenters Pension Trust – Detroit & Vicinity, Operating Engineers Local 324, Michigan Teamsters Joint Council #43, Millwright Local 1102 Supplemental Pension Fund, Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters Annuity Fund and Arkansas/Oklahoma Regional Council of Carpenters.