KCC Management Becomes Cuyahoga Capital

Private equity fund-of-funds KCC Management has spun off from Key Capital Corporation and has been renamed Cuyahoga Capital Partners. The new firm will be led by managing partners Chris Hanrahan and Bart Shirley. Cuyahoga Capital is based in Cleveland.


KCC Management LLC, a specialist private equity fund-of-funds, has become independent from Key Capital Corporation and has been renamed Cuyahoga Capital Partners LLC. The new firm will be led by Managing Partners Chris Hanrahan and Bart Shirley. The entire KCC Management team of investment professionals will remain with Cuyahoga Capital Partners.

Cuyahoga Capital will manage each of the funds raised by KCC Management and the existing funds will be rebranded with the Cuyahoga Capital Partners name. “This step is a natural evolution for the continued growth of our team. Over the past six years, our team’s performance has successfully enabled us to raise four funds with third party capital and we look forward to continued growth while remaining focused on continuing to generate strong risk-adjusted returns for our investors,” said Managing Partner Bart Shirley. “We are proud of the track record we have built while at Key Capital and are grateful for their support of our team,” said Managing Partner Chris Hanrahan.

Cuyahoga Capital will move to new offices in Cleveland over the next month. In the interim the firm’s current address will remain the same.

About Cuyahoga Capital Partners
Cuyahoga Capital Partners is an independent, specialist private equity fund-of-funds focused on generating strong risk-adjusted returns for its investors by investing in niche, less efficient markets. The firm’s value orientation informs its approach across two core strategies: the acquisition of secondary interests in leveraged buyout, venture capital, mezzanine, and fund-of-funds in smaller, generally negotiated transactions; and the commitment to primary private equity funds focused on lower and middle market companies in the United States. Cuyahoga Capital Partners is led by an experienced, cohesive team with over forty years of combined experience and diverse, yet complementary skill sets and deep networks within its core strategic focus. Please refer to www.cuyahogacap.com for additional information.