Keith Abriel Named Oris4’s New CFO

Halifax, Nova-Scotia-based 2nd Act Innovations Inc., which operates the enterprise software product Oris4, a cloud content management system, has hired Keith Abriel as the company’s chief financial officer. Mr. Abriel’s experience includes working with DHX Media Ltd., which was acquired by Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc. in 2012, and other Halifax start-ups. 2nd Act is backed by Canadian venture capital firms GrowthWorks and Innovacorp, which seeded the company last year.


Oris4 Names Halifax-Based CFO

Halifax-based software company 2nd Act Innovations’ (operating as Oris4) co-founders Andrew Doyle and Peter Hickey have announced that experienced financial executive Keith Abriel has been named chief financial officer of the Halifax headquartered start-up.

“The Oris4 business has moved to a point where it needs someone to focus solely on the financial aspects of the business and to let the co-founders sell Oris4, raise more capital and look to the future of the company and product,” said Reza Kazemipour, Oris4’s Silicon Valley-based CEO. “Keith gives us the experience of having done deals as well as helping start-ups find the right footing for a capital raise or strategic partnership.”

Abriel’s experience covers working with established companies like DHX Media through mergers and acquisitions as well as assisting other well-known Halifax start-ups. Abriel will work from Oris4’s Halifax office but is readily available to the company CEO (Reza Kazemipour) and CTO (Guillaume Oget) in Palo Alto, California.

“We love Keith’s attitude towards start-ups and his willingness to roll up his sleeves and dig in,” said Andrew Doyle, co-founder. “He has worked on large multi-national deals and has the right skills to help our growth.”

About 2nd Act Innovations (

2nd Act’s flagship innovative software, Oris4, is a cloud content management system that revolutionizes searching and managing content across the enterprise. We connect all of your information sources – including, Box, Google Drive, Gmail, and local drives – to allow you to find what you need virtually without search. Our contextual indexing delivers the document, file or email you need to do your job when you need it. Each file is linked to the people or companies you are working with and available to you regardless of how and where it was saved. Oris4 gives you the power to find anything in your business and do something with it immediately.

About Keith Abriel – CFO
A skilled financial executive, Keith brings a practical, tenacious and entrepreneurial approach to the role of chief financial officer at Oris4. With nearly 20-years of experience, Keith has served as the chief financial officer and raised capital for a number of venture-backed private, TSX listed and TSX-V listed companies. Keith also spent nine years with PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP, and is a chartered accountant and a CFA charterholder, and he holds a bachelor of commerce (Cum Laude) from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax. Linkedin Profile:

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