Kensington Capital Partners Invests In Bedford Capital Fund

Kensington Capital Partners Limited, a Canadian private equity fund, has invested $500,000 in Bedford Capital IVC LP, a fund operated by Toronto-based Bedford Capital.


Kensington Capital Partners Limited, Canada’s
leading independent private equity fund investor, is pleased to announce an
investment of $500,000 by the Kensington Global Private Equity Fund in Bedford
Capital IVC, L.P. Bedford Capital, located in Toronto, focuses on building
leading companies in partnership with outstanding management teams.
The Kensington Global Private Equity Fund offers individual investors a
diversified portfolio of world-class private equity investments, including
hard-to-access private equity funds and direct investments in private
companies. Traditionally, investments in private equity have only been
available to investors who could meet very high minimum investment thresholds.
The Kensington Global Private Equity Fund was established to make these
investment opportunities available to the broader investing public.

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Kensington is Canada’s leading independent private equity fund investor,
founded in 1996. To date, Kensington has received commitments of over $450
million for private equity investments through its fund-of-funds and direct
co-investment programs. Institutional investors such as pension funds and
professional asset managers, as well as high net-worth individuals and retail
investors, hold Kensington funds. Kensington has consistently achieved
top-quartile financial returns for its investors. For more information on
Kensington and current offerings, please visit