Kinderhook-backed Repairify buys AutoMobile Technologies

Repairify, which is backed by Kinderhook Industries, has acquired AutoMobile Technologies, a provider of enterprise-grade used vehicle reconditioning software.

Repairify, which is backed by Kinderhook Industries, has acquired AutoMobile Technologies, a provider of enterprise-grade used vehicle reconditioning software. No financial terms were disclosed.


PLANO, Texas, Feb. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Repairify™, Inc., a portfolio company of Kinderhook Industries, LLC (“Kinderhook”), today announced the acquisition of AutoMobile Technologies (AMT), a leading provider of enterprise-grade used vehicle reconditioning software. AMT’s technology helps automotive reconditioning providers replace paperwork, enforce processes, and gain instant visibility into business operations regardless of team size and geographic distribution.

With the combined capabilities of AMT and Mobile Tech RX, the Repairify family is now poised to become a comprehensive provider of solutions, expertise, and capabilities for auto reconditioners and paintless dent repair (PDR) customers of all sizes, from small independents to large, multi-location enterprises.

AMT customers are comprised of an array of automotive company types and sizes, from large dealership networks and rental car companies to comprehensive auto reconditioners, paintless dent repair (PDR) providers, and detailers. In addition to its software solutions, AMT brings with it a significant team of certified technicians, nearly doubling – to nearly 16,000 – the number of automotive technical experts now under the Repairify banner.

“We are very excited to welcome the entire AMT team to Repairify as they join in our mission to simplify the repair and reconditioning of today’s complex modern automobile using technology and an amazing, growing network of certified technicians,” said Tony Rimas, President of Repairify. “The AMT team brings a wealth of expertise, technology know-how and client relationships that will benefit our team greatly. As our vision comes together, we believe the result will be access to more services, more technicians, allowing our customers to drive costs down and efficiency up.”

AMT’s flagship product, Repair360™, is a complete reconditioning management system, which reduces administrative and workflow complexity throughout the vehicle repair process. Other AMT products are used for estimating and invoicing, managing used car reconditioning workflow, as well as to keep track of vehicle condition reporting.

“We are excited and impressed with the Repairify team and feel a kinship with the leadership and their entrepreneurial spirit,” said Paul Maximov, President of AMT. “We look forward to combining our resources in a way that creates a marketplace leader, bridging the gaps in today’s fragmented auto reconditioning industry.”

About AutoMobile Technologies
Founded in 2006, AutoMobile Technologies (AMT) empowers automotive reconditioners to take control of their business operations and realize significant savings by eliminating errors and reducing hours spent managing excessive paperwork. While AMT began operations with just one customer managing a few hundred technicians, today nearly 8,000 technicians rely on our work order management software in their daily operations as they repair more than 40,000 vehicles each day. Learn more about us at