KinDex Pharmaceuticals launches with Series A Funding

Biotechnology company KinDex Pharmaceuticals has secured a $5 million Series A funding backed by venture capital firm Polaris Partners. KinDex Pharmaceuticals was formed by the reorganization of KinDex Therapeutics in parallel with the investment.


KinDex Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnology
company focused on discovering and developing molecules that modulate key regulatory networks associated
with obesity, inflammation and chronic disease, announced today an initial $5 million Series A funding, which
includes leading venture capital firm Polaris Partners. KinDex Pharmaceuticals was formed by the reorganization
of KinDex Therapeutics, LLC, in parallel with the investment.
“We are very excited about the opportunity to work strategically with Polaris,” said Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., CEO of
KinDex Pharmaceuticals. “Their investment will help us initiate the planned Phase 2 trial of our most advanced
candidate, KDT501, in Type 2 diabetic patients as well as undertake additional preclinical and mechanistic
studies in brown fat biology. Polaris is known to build strong relationships with their companies and we look
forward to accessing their expertise and extended network as we continue to establish value in our portfolio.”
KinDex is actively developing pleiotropic small molecules derived from hops that regulate the ‘cross-talk’
between macrophages and adipocytes and influence the cell inflammasome. Published mechanistic and animal
studies on KDT 501 indicate that it influences brown fat cell differentiation, which is important in thermogenesis
and obesity management. In addition, animal studies demonstrate that the KinDex Pharmaceuticals candidate
compounds have the potential to not only improve glucose homeostasis, but also modify total cholesterol and
triglycerides and reduce body weight gain, while exhibiting the ability to reduce the systemic inflammatory
effects resulting from postprandial metabolic endotoxemia.
About KinDex Pharmaceuticals
KinDex’s molecules have demonstrated efficacy in in vitro and in vivo models of diabetes and inflammation. The
company has successfully completed Phase 1 clinical safety studies of their most advanced drug candidate,
KDT501, and anticipates initiating proof-of-concept efficacy studies in diabetic patients. The privately held
biotech’s scientific advisory board includes biotechnology luminaries Dr. Paul Schimmel of The Scripps Research
Institute, Dr. John Kozarich of ActivX and Dr. Benjamin Cravatt of The Scripps Research Institute. Read about
KinDex’s research in their most recent PlosOne publication:;jsessionid=D00E83DAA6EAE0
Contact: Annette Giarde, KinDex Pharmaceuticals Operations Manager, 206-922-2912