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Limitless Ventures to buy Rokin

Limitless Ventures Group has agreed to acquire Nevada-based Rokin Inc, a provider of oil vaporizer batteries and other accessories for vape pens.

Limitless Ventures Group has agreed to acquire Nevada-based Rokin Inc, a provider of oil vaporizer batteries and other accessories for vape pens. No financial terms were disclosed.


TULSA, Oklahoma, May 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Limitless Ventures Group Inc. (OTC PINK: LVGI) announced today it has signed an agreement and acquired the majority ownership stake in Nevada based Rokin Inc. “2020 is the year that Rokin breaks out of its box,” exclaimed Larry Bauer, CFO of Rokin, “We are excited to be joining with Limitless Venture Group who can open the doors for Rokin to add whole new lines of product offerings as well as a chance for the public to invest in our success. Currently, we support wholesale distribution to 348 active resellers across 33 States with more on the horizon in 2020. By word of mouth we now support international sales in Canada and Central America. Separately, our website sales include individual customers in over 47 States and territories.

Success breeds success. In December 2019 the Rokin Mini Tank was nominated for Best Innovative Product at the Cannabis Business Awards in Las Vegas demonstrating Rokin’s name recognition to the well-established players in this marketplace. Partnering together with Limitless Venture Group, Rokin is in a position to have a breakout year!”

“We are very excited to be supported by Limitless Venture Group as this alliance will provide Rokin the resources it needs to have a breakout year in 2020. With our new line of vape batteries, CBD products, and other complementary products currently in R&D, we expect Rokin to exceed its sales expectations over the next 3 years”, exclaimed Daryl Bower, CEO of Rokin

Rokin had 2019 revenues of approx $850,000, and with the addition of new product lines, including our CBD products (manufactured by the labs that created Boobeary CBD), an aggressive marketing campaign along with expanded brick and mortar retail locations in the east and west coast, LVGI and Rokin expect 2020 revenues to be around 2 million. “This is concrete evidence our new corporate direction is the correct path and will be profitable for LVGI, all the companies we bring into our LVGI family, and our loyal shareholders”, states LVGI’s COO, Devon Diaz.

“This is just the beginning for LVGI.” says Joseph Francella, CEO of LVGI. “This acquisition will solidify our ability to raise capital so that we can expand Rokin and focus on completing our acquisition of KetoSports, Inc.” Additionally, adds Francella, “With our planned expansion through acquisitions of a new company at least quarterly going forward, LVGI plans on having estimated revenues of 8 million annually by next fiscal year-end, June 30 2021.”

About Rokin, Inc. – Rokin was founded in 2016 with a mission to provide our customers with the highest quality, technology-driven vaping products available while providing exceptional customer service. Rokin Vapes are rigorously tested by Rokin and multiple consumer focus groups to ensure the products meet strict quality standards before any production takes place. After a product is selected and production complete, the product is certified to the latest FCC, CE standards (which are required for all vaping products) but then Rokin goes above and beyond to certify our vaping products to the latest RoHS standard, which restricts the use of 6 hazardous materials commonly found in electronic products.

About Ketopsports, Inc. – Ketosports products flush the body with ketones, raising blood ketone levels within a few minutes. Because the body and brain use ketones as its preferred energy source and are used first for energy demands, Ketosports products are essential for anyone who wants to prolong energy reserves for their athletic events or for those who just want to benefit from carb-free, stimulant-free mental energy and enhanced acuity.

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