Lincoln International Opens Moscow Office, Appoints Andrei Joosten to Lead Region

The mid-market investment bank Lincoln International has opened a Moscow office, and appointed Andrei Joosten as the managing director who will lead the region (or, more specifically, Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan). Lincoln has 11 other offices around the world, including in Madrid, New York, and Paris.

Joosten, who is fluent in Russian, English, and Dutch, recently joined Lincoln from Deloitte and Touche, where he was a partner and head of M&A in the company’s Moscow office. He’d joined Deloitte in 2005.


Lincoln International, a leading global mid-market investment bank, today announced the opening of its Moscow office, marking another important step in its global expansion.  Andrei Joosten has been appointed to lead Lincoln International Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, together referred to as the Commonwealth of Independent States (“Lincoln-CIS”).

With a staff of more than 180 bankers worldwide, Lincoln International has established a strong presence in key global economies around the world.  The firm has 11 offices in the Americas, Asia and Europe including: Amsterdam, Chicago, Frankfurt, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Vienna and now Moscow.  In 2010, Lincoln International was the #1 ranked (by number of deals) integrated, independent, mid-market M&A advisor in the world.

Russia and the other Commonwealth of Independent States (“CIS”) represent an important economic region of the world.  The CIS has more than 275 million people, which would be the 4th largest population, if all in one country, and the 6th largest economy.  The region is rich in natural resources, with Russia having the largest reserves of natural gas, forest reserves and freshwater in the world.

Lincoln International’s presence in Moscow, Russia and the other CIS countries will help expand and strengthen the firm’s relationships with current and prospective clients in this rapidly growing market.  Lincoln International will offer Russian and CIS clients independent advice on mid-market transactions in combination with very active merger and acquisition advisory and capital raising practices in the Americas, Asia and Europe.  A significant proportion of M&A transactions in Russia and the CIS are mid-market in size and, therefore, are a better fit with Lincoln International than the bulge bracket and commercial investment banks.  According to Thompson Reuters’ mid-market league tables 2010, the Russian Federation was second only to the U.S. as the most active country in the world by number of deals up to $500 million of enterprise value, with the completion of 3,266 transactions.  This healthy volume of mid-market transactions presents an ideal opportunity for Lincoln International to establish its presence in Moscow and the CIS. Lincoln International will be providing a level of service to companies, investors and government entities on mid-market transactions in Russia and the CIS which have been available to date to only larger companies.

Russia and the CIS have strong connections to the key markets where Lincoln International is already a leader.  The Moscow office will provide an effective way to contact Russian and CIS buyers for Lincoln International’s sell side assignments based in other geographies.  Lincoln International’s Moscow office is very experienced in identifying, contacting and negotiating with acquirers from the region.  The addition of a Moscow office compliments and further strengthens Lincoln International’s existing activities in Central and Eastern Europe, which are led by Witold Szymanski in the Vienna office.

The Moscow office will be led by Andrei Joosten, who recently joined the firm as Managing Director and Head of Russia and the CIS.  Andrei will continue to work closely with Anna Klein, Director.  Andrei and Anna have worked together for more than four years.  Prior to joining Lincoln International, Andrei was a Partner and head of M&A with Deloitte and Touche (“Deloitte”) in their Moscow office.  Andrei joined Deloitte in 2005 in order to build their M&A advisory business in Russia.  He was successful in building a leading mid-market M&A business in Russia and the CIS for Deloitte.  Prior to Deloitte, Andrei worked for the International Finance Corporation (“IFC”), which is affiliated with the World Bank.  Andrei worked as the Senior Manager for the financial institutions program for Russia and the CIS.  Prior to the IFC, Andrei worked for KPMG in Corporate Finance and Financial Services in both Russia and the Netherlands.  In total, Andrei has spent over 13 years in Russia successfully executing transactions for a variety of clients across multiple industries.  Andrei is fluent in Russian, Dutch and English.

Anna Klein worked with Andrei at Deloitte Corporate Finance Advisory in Russia where she led the financial institutions team.  During this period, she executed and closed over 15 transactions.  Before her career at Deloitte, Anna worked for a Top-30 Bank in Russia as Head of International Funding, where she completed a number of debt fundraising projects, including Eurobond issues and syndicated loans.  Anna Klein has a Master’s Degree with Honors in Project Management and a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in International Economics from the Russian State University of Oil and Gas.  Anna is fluent in Russian, English and German.

Andrei and Anna are supported by a team of bankers in Lincoln’s Moscow office.  The Moscow team is already engaged on promising assignments.

“We are very excited to join with Andrei and Anna to build a leading mid-market M&A practice for Lincoln International in Russia and the CIS.  The best way to assure success is to appoint a leader that has already successfully built a similar business in the same market.  Andrei accomplished this for Deloitte and we are highly confident he will do it at Lincoln International,” said Jim Lawson, Chairman of Lincoln International.  “Furthermore, having Anna join Andrei allows us to offer our clients a team that has demonstrated the ability to work effectively together.  From the start, we offer a strong team to our clients in the region.”

Friedrich Bieselt, a board member of Lincoln-CIS, a member of the management board of Lincoln International in Germany and a veteran of Lincoln International for more than ten years said, “We have been looking to build a Moscow office for a number of years, but were waiting until we found exactly the right team.  Andrei and Anna are that team.”

Andrei Joosten commented, “Lincoln International’s fully-integrated, global platform is unique to the mid-market and exactly what Russian and CIS firms need as they increase focus on cross-border M&A business development.  Lincoln not only has an impressive global reach, but also deep expertise within specific industry sectors, which is unmatched by any other mid-market M&A advisor.”

About Lincoln International

Lincoln International specializes in merger and acquisition advisory services, debt advisory services, private capital raising and restructuring advice on mid-market transactions.  Lincoln International also provides fairness opinions, valuations and pension advisory services on a wide range of transaction sizes.  With eleven offices; three in the Americas, one in Asia, and seven in Europe, and strategic partnerships with leading institutions in China, India and Korea, Lincoln International has strong local knowledge and contacts in the key global economies.  The firm provides clients with senior-level attention, in-depth industry expertise and integrated resources.  By being focused and independent, Lincoln International serves its clients without conflicts of interest.  More information about Lincoln International can be obtained at