Liquid attracts $1m funding

Liquid has secured $1 million in seed funding. Liquid is an app analytics and personalisation startup. Faber Ventures and Portugal Ventures provided the funding.


App analytics and personalisation startup Liquid ( has secured $1m in seed funding and launched a public beta of its platform.
Liquid has secured the investment from Faber Ventures and Portugal Ventures. The funding will be used to grow Liquid’s team, add new features to its platform and to ramp up customer acquisition activities.
Liquid is a groundbreaking software analytics service that helps developers and publishers easily increase engagement and conversion rates. Without rewriting the underlying code, it allows companies to personalise apps for individuals and segment users in real-time.
Requiring just a few lines of code to be added to an app, Liquid lets customers target users in a highly personalised way, prioritising features, changing the design or offering new content according to the individual’s behaviour and to similar segments propensity to engage or purchase in-app.
Liquid’s actionable dashboard gives app owners access to data including demographic information such as age, gender, location or social data, and app-specific information like the number of weekly visits or number of in-app purchases, helping them truly understand how each individual uses the app.
User segments identified in the dashboard can then be targeted with a personalised app experience, including customised features and content, alternative colours, or pop-up messages, using those combinations that tend to result in higher conversion rates for certain users. For example, freemium apps could target non-paying users with tutorials and links to features that lead to higher in-app purchase rates. These could also be targeted to occur at the times when past data indicates a higher chance of conversion.
A public beta of the product has also been launched – anyone interested in trying out the platform can sign up at
The team behind Liquid consists of founder and CEO Alexandre Vaz, a former senior director at Oracle and BCG consultant; founding developer Miguel Almeida, founder of software and hardware services startup Paradigma; and founding developer João Soares, former CTO of crowdsourced loyalty app Mobitto. Faber Ventures worked and partnered with the team from the start, acting first as venture builder and now as co-investor in this round.
Vaz said: “The mobile app market has moved from pay up-front apps to free apps containing in-app purchases, ads and affiliate links. All these new models require deeper user engagement. For instance, there is a growing consumer willingness to pay for in-app goods and this offers a tremendous new opportunity. However, there are few tools available to app publishers to help them understand how they can target these consumers more effectively.
“Liquid combines analytics and personalisation in a single, one-stop-shop suite, designed specifically for app developers, product owners and marketing professionals. It offers publishers the flexibility to keep optimising their apps according to their usage and monetisation goals and user needs without delay.
“For instance, some app users might be more willing to make an in-app purchase during different times of the day or week. Some might be more likely to make a purchase after playing for five minutes – others might wait 15 minutes. All of these customers require different targeting – and Liquid offers app publishers the flexibility to do this,” he continued.

About Liquid: Liquid ( is a software analytics service that helps mobile app developers, product owners and marketers to optimise conversion rates by personalising apps for individual users in real-time. Liquid has launched a public beta of its platform which it plans to launch fully in July 2014.