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Liveblogging PEA Conference: Washington’s Impact on PE

I’m liveblogging the second panel from the Private Equity Analyst conference at the (conspicuously Blackstone Group-backed) Waldorf Astoria in New York. Here are the details:

Capitol Call: Weighing The Impact Of Washington’s Moves On Private Equity

With discussions about changing the tax on carried interest, impose regulatory restrictions on private equity deals and put limits on investment banks, there is a sense that the private equity landscape could be poised for a makeover. In this panel, PE professionals with close links to Washington discuss the changed environment and what it may mean for firms both doing and exiting deals.

The panelists are :
Bryan N. Corbett, Principal, The Carlyle Group
Mark G. Heesen, President, National Venture Capital Association
Douglas Lowenstein, President, The Private Equity Council
Robin A. Painter, Partner & Co-Chair, Private Equity Funds Group

Follow the jump for the liveblog, which starts at 10:30: