Liveblogging Wharton Conference: Leon Black

Starting at noon, I’ll be live-blogging a keynote speech given by Leon Black. I have three questions for the guy–we’ll see if I’ll actually get to ask them. (1) Will Apollo give money back to its investors? It does not need the $15 billion fund it just closed. (2) How much does Apollo expect to write down from fund four? (3) Has Apollo’s sixth, or even seventh, fund bumped up against its 2% maximum for secondary sales?

UPDATE: The liveblog is over, and for those uninterested in scrolling through comments from Dan, myself and others, follow the jump for a summary of the highlights.

-Apollo magically timed its IPO right, in the sense that it did not have time to complete it.

-Apollo missed the bottom on distressed debt, something we knew.

-I got to ask one of my three questions (The answer is at the bottom of the feed).

-Black has a very dreary outlook on the economic state of affairs.

-Apollo closed on $14.8 billion in December toward its seventh fund. The goal was $15 billion.

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