Lynsey Register Joins Hermes Private Equity

Lynsey Register has joined Hermes Private Equity as an investment manager. She previously worked with private equity fund-of-funds manager Kedge Capital and, before that, BlackRock.



Hermes Private Equity today announces the appointment of Lynsey Register as Investment Manager.

Prior to joining Hermes, Lynsey spent four years working for private equity fund of funds, firstly with BlackRock and then Kedge Capital.  Lynsey started her career at KPMG where she spent time in the financial services audit practice, moving on to the Strategic Commercial Intelligence group focusing on deal related strategic and commercial issues.

Lynsey will research, analyse and recommend opportunities to invest in private equity funds for clients of Hermes Private Equity. Lynsey will also be responsible for monitoring the ongoing performance of investments in the private equity fund portfolio.   

Susan Flynn, Director, Hermes Private Equity Fund Investment, said: “We are delighted that Lynsey is joining us and we look forward to harnessing her knowledge within the Funds team. It is a challenging environment but we are using the expertise and experience within our team to position our portfolios to best advantage.”   

Hermes Private Equity (HPE), the private equity arm of Hermes Fund Managers, is a distinctive private equity firm.  HPE has c £2 billion committed to private equity, both as an investor in external private equity partnerships, and through its own direct investment activity.  The direct investment activity is currently investing its third fund, HPEP III which has commitments of £300 million.  HPEP III is focused on UK and European middle market buy-out and growth capital transactions.


Hermes is a multi boutique asset manager with a truly long-term and responsible approach to delivering investment returns.  As a multi boutique we offer our clients the best combination of specialist investment teams and products along with a robust operating platform from which to run them.   

Hermes offers investment solutions which range from alternative strategies such as fund of hedge funds, commodities and our engagement focus funds to real estate, private equity and specialist equity products.  Hermes invests assets on behalf of 205* clients across these product areas and has £31.2bn* under management.  Additionally, we help pension funds meet the highest standards of responsible long term ownership through our innovative Equity Ownership Service, which has over £50 billion* of assets under stewardship.

Hermes is the advisor and principle investment manager for the BT Pension Scheme (BTPS) and BTPS is also the 100% owner of Hermes.  This unique relationship gives us a long term parent whose requirement for investment excellence is perfectly aligned with that of all of our other clients and provides a privileged insight which informs our product development.