Madoff Staffers Still Collecting Paychecks

You might think it impossible to add any greater insult to the injuries of Bernie Madoff’s clients, who lost much of their wealth through the $50 billion Ponzi scheme that he’s been accused of creating. But now the New York Post reports that, more than three weeks after his arrest, his employees are still showing up to work everyday — and collecting their paychecks.

Every day, dozens of employees of swindler Bernard Madoff’s firm report to their Midtown offices. They’re still paid – but they do no work. The phones at Madoff Securities are turned off. The few computers that remain aren’t plugged in.

“It’s pretty bad,” one employee said. “We can’t conduct any business. We basically get there at 9, hang around, and go home at 5. It’s surreal. It’s also scary, because we don’t know what’s going on.

It’s not known yet who knows what, and I’m sure many of his employees are as much victims as are his clients, but it’s still startling to learn that they still convene at the office every day(!). When your boss is placed under house arrest for perpetrating one of the biggest frauds in the history of the world, it’s time to find something else — on moral principle. Don’t you think so?