Mastering the VC Game Is Available Today – Why So Grumpy?

My book, Mastering the VC Game, is officially available today (and 40 pages of excerpts are available for free if you want to preview it), yet I’m kind of grumpy.

I’ve gotten nice reviews (see AVC, and YoungEntrepreneur for a few examples) and TechCrunch, BusinessWeek and Upromise have done really nice excerpts.

But I confess I’m a bit of a perfectionist (when I’d come home with a 95% on a test, my parents would ask me what happened on those 5% points – I wonder if that has anything to do with it?) and so I find myself mulling about the mistakes I made with it. Tangible, print products are tough because, unlike a blog post or a piece of software code, you can’t just change it on the fly.

Here are the top three things I’ve been stewing on:

I regret that I didn’t spend more time discussing the recent phenomenon of super-angels, as covered nicely in a recent VentureWire article. Guys like Chris Sacca, Roger Ehrenberg, Dame McClure and Ron Conway as well as small seed funds like Chris Dixon’s Founder’s Collective and Mike Maples’ Floodgate are wothy of more treatment than I gave them although I do cover First Round and profile their co-founder Howard Morgan. There are pros and cons for entrepreneurs who take money from these groups and I’d like to expand on these in future blog posts.

I’m sorry to have left out any great cleantech entrepreneurs. With yesterday’s announcement of Cape Wind going forward, it’s another reminder that the energy sector is brimming with entrepreneurial opportunities and I should have included a few stories about some of the emerging starts there, like EnerNOC, A123 and Silver Spring.

I’m annoyed that my publisher, Penguin, and are locked in a battle over royalties, resulting in my book not being available on the Kindle. As a result, all new authors are getting punished. The book is avaialable on iPad, Sony e-Reader and the Nook, but I’ve been getting tons of complaints from folks that they want to download it on their Kindle and can’t. What kind of a technology VC writes a book that isn’t available on a Kindle? Yeesh.

Those are my top three. I have a few other smaller ones, but I guess that’s why they print second editions. Let me know if you spot any more.

Jeff is a partner with Boston-based VC firm Flybridge Capital Partners. Read his past peHUB posts, or follow him on Twitter at