Mayor Mike Bloomberg to Government: Back Off My Wall Street Financiers!

During a radio show appearance this morning, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg had this to say about a tax increase on the highest-earning Americans that will take effect in 2011: “We can tax the rich, except that, if you haven’t looked at the stock market lately, they aren’t making any money.

“They’re not making that money,” Bloomberg continued. “I hear the protesters, you know. I think that deep down inside, I assume, they understand that we live in a different world.

“The first rule of taxation is, you can’t tax those that – too much – you can’t tax too much those that can move. And a very small percentage of people do account for a big part of our income.

“You know, the yelling and screaming about the rich, we want rich from around this country to move here. We love the rich people.”

“They’re the ones that buy in the stores so that people that work in the stores have jobs in the stores, generate sales tax. The rich are the ones that go to the expensive restaurants where, as a matter of fact, I looked at a list the other day of restaurants where the staff is unionized. They’re the expensive restaurants. They’re not the cheap restaurants.”

(I’m not going to touch this one; I don’t want to raise the ire of half our readers. But hat tip to New York Daily News, which first published the interview.)