McKinley Capital Management forms Alaska-focused direct lending business

McKinley Capital Management has launched a direct lending business that will back Alaskan businesses in the current and post-pandemic economy.

McKinley Capital Management has launched a direct lending business that will back Alaskan businesses in the current and post-pandemic economy. The loans will range between $10 million and $500 million. Logan Birch has been hired to manage the new direct lending program.


ANCHORAGE, Alaska – McKinley Capital Management, LLC and the newly forming entity McKinley Alaska Private Investment, LLC* have launched a Direct Lending business to provide local capital solutions for Alaska businesses in the current and post-pandemic economy.

McKinley’s Direct Lending program serves businesses that have need for loans in the $10 million to $500 million range, filling a known void in Alaska for business capital.
According to Rob Gillam, McKinley Capital Management Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer, “There have traditionally been three sources of capital available to Alaska businesses: small business loans (which typically have a $7 million cap and many restrictions), bank loans (which typically require existing assets for collateral and historical cash flow), and private or public bonds (which are typically for very large businesses and have a $500 million minimum). This has left a large gap for capital needs between $7 million and $500 million, and for businesses that need capital in order to acquire the assets or infrastructure necessary to begin or continue operations. This lack of capital has been an obstacle for the economic growth and development of Alaska business, so this is the space that McKinley is trying to fill with both private equity capital and private debt capital available to qualifying Alaska businesses.”

McKinley has hired industry veteran Logan Birch to manage its new Direct Lending program. Birch is a lifelong Alaskan with career experiences at ASRC, Alaska Growth Capital, and Wells Fargo. As the new McKinley Alaska Private Investment, LLC’s* Vice President of Direct Lending, Birch joins Joe Jacobson (Vice President of Private Equity) on the private investment team led by John Wanamaker, McKinley Alaska’s President/Director of Private Investment.

“I am pleased to welcome Logan to our McKinley private investment team,” said Rob Gillam. “His experience is invaluable as we kick off our Direct Lending program and deploy much needed capital to the Alaska business community. We will continue to make a difference in Alaska and work hard to generate returns for our investors.”

“I’m excited to join the McKinley team and eager to help launch the new Direct Lending program,” said Birch. “My almost 20 years in Alaska’s banking, lending, and finance roles across numerous industries in Alaska has given me a unique appreciation for the role capital plays in developing our economy. I look forward to working with McKinley’s disciplined investment process to support Alaska businesses as we make it beyond the pandemic and work together to grow and diversify our economy.”

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About McKinley Capital Management, LLC
McKinley Capital Management, LLC is a privately held, global investment firm based in Anchorage, Alaska, with offices in Chicago, New York, and an Abu Dhabi, UAE affiliate. Founded in 1990, McKinley Capital is recognized around the world as a leader in systematic growth-style investing. This means that the firm uses a data-driven methodology that combines cutting-edge analytical technology with sound mathematical principles to identify the world’s fast-growing public investment opportunities.

About McKinley Alaska Private Investment, LLC*
McKinley Alaska Private Investment, LLC is a privately held, private investment firm based in Anchorage, Alaska. McKinley Alaska offers private equity investment opportunities, makes private investments in selected projects, and provides direct lending for qualified businesses. Started in 2019 as an initiative of McKinley Capital, the firm is being created in 2021 to formalize McKinley’s private investment business and its specific products and services.

* Legal documentation forming McKinley Alaska Private Investment, LLC is in process and not yet finalized at the time of this release.

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