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MCP buys naval base Sugar Grove

Mellivora Capital Partners has acquired the West Virgina-based Sugar Grove Naval Base from a Government Services Agency public auction. No financial terms were disclosed for the transaction that was done with lead investors Robert Pike and W Cobb Hazelrig.


PENDLETON COUNTY, W. Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mellivora Capital Partners (“MCP”), with lead investors Robert Pike and W Cobb Hazelrig, completed the purchase of Sugar Grove Naval Base in West Virginia from a Government Services Agency public auction. The acquisition of the former naval base was completed in 60 days with consultation and support from local residents, government officials and private treatment providers.

While MCP continues to develop the Sugar Grove business model, it envisions a healthcare campus for active-duty military, veterans and their families that will provide our nation’s heroes with more advanced options for their health and wellness needs. MCP’s goal is to improve medical care through an integrated model that treats both the physical and psychological issues facing active-duty military and veterans, while simultaneously addressing their long-term needs such as a stable home life, job training and other educational opportunities.

Mellivora Managing Partner, Thomas Drechsler, stated, “By taking a holistic, top-down approach to helping our Nation’s veterans we can improve both clinical efficacy and how outcomes are measured. Service members are trained for the challenges of war, but not always properly prepared for returning to home life and the rigors that go with it.”

Pendleton County Commissioner, Gene McConnell, stated, “Sugar Grove now has the opportunity to once again bring success to West Virginia through job creation while providing a service owed to those who willingly served America.”

Junior Smith, a long-term Sugar Grove employee, will be continuing as its new General Manager and stated, “Sugar Grove has always been a special place and I’m looking forward to its new function and once again being an active contributor to the community.”

About Sugar Grove
Closed by the Navy in September 2015, Sugar Grove is located in Pendleton County, West Virginia and covers 122-acres and includes over 100 well-maintained buildings and facilities. Since closing, there were multiple efforts to re-purpose the facility to bring jobs back and create new ones. The support of local residents and officials was critical in MCP committing to the purchase of Sugar Grove, and MCP’s partners would like to thank those involved for welcoming them into their community.

About Mellivora
Mellivora Capital Partners is a private equity firm focused on the Southeastern United States, which has consistently been one of the fastest growing regions in the country and the largest contributor to GDP in the nation. Businesses in the Southeast are frequently driven by lineage and long-term relationships, attributes that many private equity funds do not focus on. MCP’s partners have been investing in the Southeast for 15 years providing value-added capital through their relationships and experiences to support successful business owners.