Mea Culpa, Mea Ignorans

Earlier today, I wrote the following about Lehman Brothers’ plans to list a private equity fund-of-funds on the Euronext in Amsterdam:

I am fairly certain that this would be the first listed private equity fund-of-funds (feel free to correct me)…

Well, it seems you have taken me up on my offer. Craig writes: “I know that the Red Sox and U.S. firms are very near and dear to your heart, but a company in a small European country–albeit famous for its clogs among other things–lanuched a F-of-F in 2001. Here is the information.

Tamara: “I feel the need to correct you concerning the fact that Lehman is launching the first listed private equity fund-of-funds. In Europe (especially Switzerland), a number of listed FoFs have been in the market for years, among them: AIG Private Equity, Shape Capital, Castle Private Equity and Princess Private Equity Holding Ltd.

Luke: To your point that there are no listed pe fund of funds, partners group listed “Partners Group Global Opportunities Fund” in September 2006 on the AIM.

Tanu: Pantheon International Participations listed in 1987 as a FoF vehicle, and currently has a market cap over $1bn – please refer to this website.

Oh, and a bunch of you also pointed out that Bank of America is planning something similar. I stand very corrected…