MeeVee Buys Top Ten Sources

MeeVee Inc., a Burlingame, Calif.-based provider of online video entertainment search solutions, has acquired Top Ten Sources, an Internet aggregator of rich media content from blogs, podcasts, video and mainstream media. No financial terms were disclosed. MeeVee has raised around $27 million in VC funding, from firms like Bay Area Equity Fund, Defta Partners, FCPR Israel Discovery Fund, Labrador Ventures, Rothschild Ventures and WaldenVC.


MeeVee (, provider of the only video guide that helps consumers discover what to watch both online and on TV, today introduced a suite of new features and upgrades to its popular content directory destination. Also, to continue to expand its directory of quality content, MeeVee recently acquired Top Ten Sources, which serves as an Internet aggregator of the best rich media content drawing from blogs, podcasts, video, and mainstream media.


Now, with a more personalized approach to content discovery, MeeVee is poised to offer consumers, content owners and advertisers a more aesthetic, effective and community-driven user experience. Users are empowered to create and control their own interest profiles on, which aggregate and organize, their favorite videos and TV show listings vis a vis a multi-platform delivery system. Similarly, content producers can now utilize MeeVee's platform catered specifically to promote new content and share editorial insight with the public. Advertisers reap the benefits of a rich user-driven targeting platform, which pinpoints distinct audiences crucial in gaining promotional traction.

Some of the new features include:


  New home page: Users can now indulge in, and discover content on the

    MeeVee home page by creating Interest Channels


  Interest channels: With these personalized channels, users can watch

    preview videos, see what's on TV, meet others who like similar things, read

    news and selected content, and engage with the community


  Vertical social network: Users are able to connect with people that

    have similar profiles, discover new content, view personal channels, and

    view a line-up of professional content


  Multi-platform delivery: With a new delivery system, users can

    conveniently receive pings reminding them about their favorite shows and

    UGC clips via email, phone/portable device, RSS feed, click-to-record, and

    integrate a widget on personal web pages. Users can also choose where, when

    and how to use MeeVee content, with an opportunity to share content with



  MeeVee TV:  Users can now watch a line up of full form premium content

    online, as well as play lists of all video that match their interest

    profile, in a visually compelling experience


  Syndicated offering: MeeVee is extending its experience to portals,

    providing access to unique video discovery offerings, potentially

    increasing traffic, and enhancing revenue streams


  MeeVee Voice: MeeVee's own online gossip and news segment provides

    users with editorial intelligence on content highlighted on the site


  TV widget: MeeVee's new personalized widget offers users with the

    capability to track, view and share specific shows and content in a very

    visually stimulating TV-like format. This widget can be integrated to

    users' own websites, desktops, and other specified UIs


“We're proud to be a part of the MeeVee family, as they are clearly the leader in the online TV and video directory space and have notably redefined the way people search for content on the web,” said Ashton Peery, CEO of Top Ten Sources. “We're excited that MeeVee decided to integrate Top Ten's capabilities to their revamped site. We believe that the union will enable users to choose from a wider array of pop content on the Internet.”


“Our 2.0 launch represents a huge milestone for MeeVee,” said Michael Raneri, CEO of MeeVee. “We're feeling a wave of momentum in the space and are well positioned to benefit from it with our totally upgraded and renovated site, all based on user-interest and suggestions. MeeVee's new UI and feature menu is a visual treat, offering a multi-platform approach to aggregating, viewing, sharing and promoting content that users like. That's one reason why we partnered with Top Ten Sources, as they are a leading user-generated content site that will enable our users to find and comment on what they're looking for when they want it.”

MeeVee has recently announced a deal with Amazon, which provides users the ability to discover new content available on Amazon Unbox via an integrated widget. If they like what they see in a preview, they can quickly and easily click on the link and be directed to Amazon Unbox to download it to their own library. Also, 4INFO announced a partnership with MeeVee enabling users to send themselves real-time reminders about their favorite TV shows in a daily text message.


CBS also announced a long form content deal with MeeVee. Through their Interactive Audience Network, an online property and social application, MeeVee's users can easily incorporate CBS clips into their profile pages, websites, blogs, widgets, wikis and community pages. CBS content should be available on within the month.


MeeVee was just recognized as a Top 100 Undiscovered Site in last month's PC Magazine. PC Magazine (, one of the most important technology publications in the world, delivers authoritative, labs-based comparative reviews of computing and Internet products to more than 6.6 million highly engaged technology buyers.


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Top10 Sources brings you the best of rich media content from the Web, drawing from blogs, podcasts, video, and mainstream media. Created by our contributors, each page offers a top selection of content on subjects important to you.

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