Mekong Capital invests in Massam Food

Mekong Capital has invested $9.4 million in Vietnam food maker Masan Food Corp. The investment comes from Ho Chi Mihn City-based Mekong Capital’s Vietnam Azelea Fund.

Mekong Capital announced today that an investment of around US$9,400,000 has been made by its Vietnam Azalea Fund (“VAF”) into Masan Food Corporation (“Masan Food”).
The Masan Group, Masan Food’s parent and largest shareholder said: “We welcome Mekong Capital, through its Vietnam Azalea Fund, as a partner and investor into Masan Food. They share our vision in building Masan Food into the leading food and beverage company in Vietnam.”
Expressing his outlook for the investment, Dr. Thomas Lanyi, Portfolio Manager of VAF, comments: “Masan Food is a leading player in one of the most attractive sectors in Vietnam. The company has built an excellent management team, and is determined to take full advantage of existing and new opportunities in Vietnam’s fast-moving-consumer-goods industry. Besides its strong leadership, the company’s branding skill, R&D capability and wide distribution network were highly compelling reasons to invest in the company. We see a big future for Masan Food and are commited to empowering their management to realize their ambitious value-creation plans in the coming years.”
About Masan Food Corporation
Masan Food Corporation is a leading Vietnamese-owned manufacturer of sauces, noodles and condiments in Vietnam. Masan’s core products include fish sauce, soy sauce, chili sauce, instant noodles, and granules sold under well-recognized brands such as Chin-Su, Tam Thai Tu, Nam Ngu, Omachi and Tien Vua.
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About Vietnam Azalea Fund Limited
The Vietnam Azalea Fund Limited is a $100 million fund focused primarily on making investments in Vietnamese companies at the pre-listing stage.
Utilizing Mekong Capital’s proven post-investment value-creation platform, Vietnam Azalea Fund Limited works closely with its investee companies to empower them in their growth plans and prepare them for a successful listing on a local or regional stock exchange.
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