Mekong Enterprise Fund Wraps Exit

The Mekong Enterprise Fund, a lower middle market PE fund focusing on Vietnamese investments, exited its Minh Phuc Printing and Packaging Co. to a Vietnam investor. Thomas Lanyi, a director with the fund, worked on the transaction. The fund is in the divestment process of six of its 10 investments, it has already sold four.

Mekong Enterprise Fund completes its fourth exit with
Minh Phuc Printing and Packaging Company
HO CHI MINH CITY, VIET NAM (14 February 2011) – Mekong Capital announced
today that the Mekong Enterprise Fund, Ltd. has fully completed the sale of its shares in
Minh Phuc Printing and Packaging Company (“Minh Phuc”). Mekong Enterprise Fund’s
shares were sold to a Vietnamese investor.
Since Mekong Enterprise Fund invested in Minh Phuc in November 2004, the Company
has grown its net profit by continuously strengthening its production execution skills and
the optimization of raw material cost management. As at December 2010, Minh Phuc
achieved approximately US$10 million in revenues and US$1 million in net profit.
Dr. Thomas Lanyi, a Director of Mekong Capital, said: “We acknowledge Minh Phuc’s
management team for leading Minh Phuc in a way that the company grew in a stable
way and achieved its targets in recent years. Minh Phuc is an example of strong
operational efficiency and reliable performance. We are also pleased that this was a
profitable investment for the Fund”.
About Minh Phuc Printing & Packaging Company
Minh Phuc is a rapidly-growing Vietnamese company specializing in printing paper-based
packaging. The company mainly supplies to the beer and tobacco industries, as well as
other consumer goods sectors such as confectioneries and baked goods. In addition, the
company also produces printed self-adhesive envelopes for corporate use.
Minh Phuc caters primarily to the domestic market, but the company also exports a small
portion of its products to some countries in Asia and Middle East.
For more information on Minh Phuc, please visit the company’s website at
About Mekong Enterprise Fund, Ltd.
The $18.5 million Mekong Enterprise Fund, Ltd. is a private equity fund focusing on
equity investments in private entrepreneurial businesses in Vietnam. The Fund was
launched in 2002 and invested in ten private companies founded and managed by
private Vietnamese entrepreneurs. The final investment of Mekong Enterprise Fund was
made in 2005. The Fund is currently in a divestment phase and has sold 4 of its 10
The Investment Manager of the Fund is Mekong Capital. Mekong Capital applies a
framework called Vision Driven Investing to partner with the Fund’s investee
companies to align around a long-term vision, develop a clear plan to achieve that
vision, and partner with the companies to achieve the targets and milestones set out in
that plan. Typically Mekong Capital works closely with its investee companies to develop
the capacity of their management teams in ways that lead to sustainable net profit
For more information on Mekong Capital, please visit the company’s website at