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ghSMART delivers high client satisfaction to CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies, investors with multi-billion dollar funds, and individual dealmakers with at least $1 billion in investable assets.

Since our founding in 1995, our mission has always been to use our expertise in human behavior to help CEOs and investors build valuable companies. We have executed over 10,000 engagements with hundreds of companies, across every major industry, in every major economic region of the world.

CEOs and investors trust ghSMART to help them answer their most important business questions. These are often questions not of “what”, but of “who.” Who should run your businesses? Who should be in charge of executing what priorities? Who do you want to become as a leader?

Very high client satisfaction is guaranteed at ghSMART. We consistently exceed client expectations by leveraging our team of experts in human behavior, our proprietary branded methods, and the largest relevant database in existence of CEO and investor performance.

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