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MergerTech Advisors Launches $50M Fund

MergerTech Advisors has launched a new $50 million venture fund focused on investment and development of healthcare IT product and services firms. The fund, MergerTech Capital, will invest in companies that enable personalized medicine through the use of technology. The firm is based in San Ramon, Calif.


MergerTech Advisors is excited to announce the launch of ‘MergerTech Capital’ ( ), a new $50 million venture capital fund. The fund will focus on the investment and development of healthcare IT product and services firms, building on the sectors’ substantial potential for extraordinary growth and creativity.

The MergerTech Capital fund’s main targets for investment will be companies focused on the enablement of personalized medicine through the use of technology. The fund will invest in IT infrastructure associated with healthcare, including cloud services, data security, consumer Internet, mobile applications, and managed IT. Additionally, the fund will invest in healthcare services providers that leverage technology as a means to reduce cost, scale or delivery gaps.

Investments by the fund will be in early and growth stage US based companies. MergerTech Capital recognizes the exciting opportunity in the rapidly developing healthcare information technology and services market, estimated to be worth $40 billion with forecasted growth over the next 5-10 years of 24%. Technology will continue to have an increasing presence in all aspects of healthcare services, as regulatory and scientific developments facilitate more wide-scale implementation of IT, there will be greater opportunities for healthcare IT firms to commercialize products and services.

At the recent World Healthcare Innovation and Technology Congress (WHIT v7.0), Todd Park, CTO of US Department of Health and Human Services, stated, “Now is the best time to be an innovator in healthcare due to the confluence of policy and market forces. The US government is making unprecedented investments to support health IT, care delivery, and reimbursement innovations.”

MergerTech is also excited to announce that Maneesh Goyal will be joining MergerTech Capital as General Partner leading the fund. After spending five great years at Miramar Venture Partners leading investments in healthcare IT, Maneesh will be leading efforts to establish MergerTech Capital. In addition to Maneesh Goyal as General Partner, MergerTech Advisors senior executives Nitin Khanna and Karan Khanna will also be managing the fund.

Asked why MergerTech Capital is establishing this fund now, Goyal stated, “The lack of cost effective, ubiquitous, quality healthcare is a global problem; a problem that is exacerbated by longer life expectancies and an aging population. The healthcare system as it currently stands is antiquated, one that needs to be redesigned. Technology is the only tool that creates efficiency in these types of inefficient systems. MergerTech Capital believes that investing in this space has the double benefit of large returns and positive societal impact.”

Peter Catalino, the Global Head of Strategy at Novartis Pharma, spoke highly of the fund and its leadership. “Current US demographic trends, combined with increasing healthcare costs are not sustainable in the long-term. One critical way to reduce costs while improving healthcare outcomes is through intelligent development of healthcare information technologies (HiT). I applaud Maneesh and MergerTech Capital for recognizing that the time is right to invest in these technologies. HiTs, that gain traction, will create a better future for patients as well as a healthy return for investors.”

About MergerTech AdvisorsMergerTech’s mission is to enable small and medium-sized technology companies to realize the value of their business. As the only investment banking firm exclusively focused on this space, we apply our deep domain expertise and global knowledge of buyers to deliver three key values: fast introduction to buyers, best terms and value, and greatest certainty of deal closure. To learn more about MergerTech Capital visit .

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