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Miller joins Starwood Capital LLC as CEO

Starwood Capital LLC, the broker-dealer affiliate of Starwood Capital Group, has named Trisha A. Miller as CEO. Miller is the former executive director of W. P. Carey, Inc and ex-CEO of Carey Financial LLC, W. P. Carey’s broker-dealer subsidiary.


MIAMI, Oct. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Starwood Capital Group, a leading global private investment firm, today announced the expansion of its broker-dealer affiliate, Starwood Capital, L.L.C., as well as the appointment of Trisha A. Miller, CFP® to be its CEO.

“Our broker-dealer’s expanded focus to include individual investors represents an important step in Starwood’s growth,” said Barry Sternlicht, Chairman and CEO of Starwood Capital Group. “We have been carefully evaluating how to reach individual investors for some time, and believe now is the opportune time to diversify our offerings to this growing source of capital. While Starwood has historically raised funds with institutional investors, the marketplace for alternative investment products tailored to individual investors has evolved and strengthened in recent years in ways that can benefit the individual investor. We are excited to bring on Trisha Miller to lead our broker-dealer affiliate and begin welcoming a new group of investors to participate in our longstanding business of buying high-quality assets and improving them through hard work, attention to detail and creativity.”

Ms. Miller, a veteran of the financial services industry, was previously an Executive Director of W. P. Carey, Inc., and CEO of Carey Financial, LLC, W. P. Carey’s broker-dealer subsidiary. A substantial portion of Ms. Miller’s team at W. P. Carey, widely regarded as one of the most effective capital raising teams in the industry, has joined Starwood Capital, L.L.C as well.

“I am thrilled to be joining the Starwood team,” said Ms. Miller. “With Starwood’s deep market and asset knowledge across the United States and Europe, I am confident we will be able to provide individual investors with very attractive alternative investment products.”

About Starwood Capital Group
Starwood Capital Group is a private alternative investment firm with a core focus on global real estate, energy infrastructure and oil & gas. The Firm and its affiliates maintain 10 offices in four countries around the world, and currently have more than 3,400 employees. Starwood Capital Group has raised over $42 billion of equity capital since its inception in 1991, and currently manages more than $54 billion in assets. The Firm has invested in virtually every category of real estate on a global basis, opportunistically shifting asset classes, geographies and positions in the capital stack as it perceives risk/reward dynamics to be evolving. Over the past 26 years, Starwood Capital Group and its affiliates have successfully executed an investment strategy that involves building enterprises in both the private and public markets. Additional information can be found at