Mindful eCycling Acquires iPhonesIntoCash.com

Mindful eCycling has completed its acquisition of iPhonesIntoCash.com. iPhonesIntoCash.com pays consumers for used and broken iPhones. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.


Mindful eCycling LLC, a pioneer in partnering with socially-conscious charities to build electronics trade-in programs, has announced that it has completed its acquisition of iPhonesIntoCash.com, an innovator in the iPhone trade-in industry. iPhonesIntoCash.com pays consumers high prices for used and broken iPhones, simply and quickly. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
“iPhonesIntoCash.com was a marvelous strategic acquisition for Mindful eCycling. Not only does it provide us with robust systems and an operational footprint in the iPhone trade-in space, its history of charitable affiliations and green business practices are consistent with our mission to partner with socially conscious groups,” said Eric Gurry, founder and CEO of Mindful eCycling LLC. “We look forward to integrating these capabilities into our socially-conscious partnership programs.”
According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans discard over 2 million tons of electronics annually. Recycling cellphones and other electronics is a simple way for consumers to conserve energy and natural resources, decrease the growth in landfills, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and lower air and soil contaminants.
iPhonesIntoCash.com exemplifies the socially- and environmentally-conscious focus that Mindful eCycling brings to its partners. It has donated a portion of it proceeds to the Kids In Need Foundation, a non-profit that provides free school supplies nationally to children most in need, and reduces waste through its business practices. “We hope to show people that being socially- and environmentally- conscious doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult,” adds Gurry, “and iPhonesIntoCash makes that point loud and clear.”
About iPhonesIntoCash.com
iPhonesIntoCash.com is a quick, easy and trustworthy way to trade in used and broken iPhones for cash. Collected devices are reused, repurposed, refurbished or recycled, and always in a secure fashion. iPhonesIntoCash.com has been a leader in iPhone recycling since its inception in 2010.
About Mindful eCycling LLC
Mindful eCycling LLC is dedicated to partnering with socially conscious charities to build electronics trade-in programs that drive value to the charity and its supporters while promoting societal and environmental sustainability. Mindful eCycling is a portfolio company of ValueICR LLC, a merchant bank focused on identifying, capturing and realizing value for its private equity portfolio companies and partners.