Mixed Bag for First Half Fundraising

Dow Jones today released second-half fundraising numbers, showing that PE fundraising fell 26% over the same period from last year. Venture capital fundraising, on the other hand, rose 13 percent. View the press release below:

U.S. private equity fund-raising fell to $45.1 billion during the first half of 2010, down 26% from $61.2 billion raised during the same period last year, according to Dow Jones LP Source, an industry database that tracks private equity fund-raising. The number of funds raising capital was static, with 198 funds attracting commitments during the first half of 2010, the same number as in the first half of 2009.

“The absence of mega buyouts, which drove private equity fund-raising to new peaks a few years ago, is now keeping the total capital raised at lower levels,” Jennifer Rossa, managing editor of Dow Jones Private Equity Analyst said. “However, the number of funds that attracted commitments was stable over last year, signaling a recovery of sorts.”

Buyouts Lose Ground as Focus Turns to Smaller Funds
Buyout funds raised $21 billion across 74 funds, down 35% from $32.4 billion raised by 75 funds a year ago, as limited partners’ interest in mega funds — those targeting $6 billion and up — waned. During the first half of the year, the sector saw strong performances by small and mid-market funds.
The buyouts sector still accounted for the largest share of the capital raised although its percentage of the total pool declined to 47% from 53% in the year-earlier period. This is the first time since 2001 that buyout funds did not claim the majority of capital raised.

“As general partners who raised large funds a few years ago still look to deploy significant amounts of capital from those funds, limited partners hesitate to invest in similar vehicles,” said Ms. Rossa. “This leaves the door open for the smaller buyout funds and industry-focused funds that had strong fund-raising performances in the first half.”

Like buyouts, secondary funds and fund of funds were down from the year-earlier period. Twelve secondary funds raised $8.4 billion, a 32% drop, and 26 fund of funds raised $3.8 billion, a 55% drop from the first half of last year.

Mezzanine funds, in contrast, had a strong first half, raising $4.4 billion for 14 funds, more than triple the $1.4 billion raised for 10 funds in the year-earlier period.

Venture Fund-Raising Rallies
After a difficult year of fund-raising in 2009, U.S. venture funds raised $7.5 billion for 72 funds during the first half of 2010, according to Dow Jones LP Source. That represents a 13% increase from the $6.6 billion raised for 68 funds during the same period last year. The jump was driven by substantial closes by established firms, as well as renewed interest in smaller venture funds. For an in-depth analysis of venture capital fund-raising, visit http://bit.ly/2HVCFR.

To download graphics, visit http://bit.ly/1HPEFR.

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