Monitoring Division Raises First Round

Monitoring Division Inc., a provider of networking performance monitoring, has raised $3.85 million in first-round funding. Starfish Ventures and National ICT Australia co-led the round. Monitoring Division has offices in both Silicon Valley and Australia. 



Monitoring Division, Inc., a revolutionary network performance monitoring company launched this month, today announced at The Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition (OFC) and The National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference (NFOEC) that it has raised $3.85 million in its initial round of funding, led by Starfish Ventures and National ICT Australia (NICTA). The company will use the funds to further establish and prove its network performance intelligence technology.


The new company's first product is a ground breaking Optical Signal-to-Noise Ratio (OSNR) monitor that will help telecommunications OEMs and carrier customers better distinguish and rapidly measure the impairments caused by optical amplifier noise, improving the ability to manage next generation optical networks cost-effectively.


“The introduction of this new tool to analyze the performance of high-speed optical networks will significantly reduce the costs telecommunications carriers currently face in identifying, locating and measuring core network problems,” said Starfish Ventures investment principal Michael Panaccio. “The rapidly growing and intense worldwide interest in Monitoring Division's technology performance is testimony to the impressive results being driven by the founding team's high level of expertise and accomplishments.”


A recent spin-off of NICTA, Monitoring Division, Inc. was founded as an independent company to commercialize the measurement technology following three years of development and lab trials in state of the art facilities. As it establishes a corporate presence with offices in Sunnyvale, California, and Melbourne, Australia, the company will continue to have access to NICTA's Terabit Research Laboratory and resources in the state of Victoria, Australia. Monitoring Division's founding team is made up of CEO David Wright, CTO Trevor Anderson, COO Sarah Dods, Optical Engineering Manager Ken Clarke, and Chief Scientist Adam Kowalczyk.


“Our technology allows our customers to integrate robust and accurate measurement and monitoring capabilities into their systems, utilizing a low cost solution combined with their hardware elements,” said CEO David Wright. “The versatility of Monitoring Division's network performance intelligence technology gives them step-function improvements in analyzing live data to measure the health of a network. Our solution helps them more effectively address the design, engineering and management challenges next generation networks face.”


This week at the OFC/ NFOEC Conference, Optium, a leading supplier of high-performance optical subsystems, announced it will use Monitoring Division's OSNR Monitor to build an advanced optical channel monitoring platform (OCM) for its WSS-ROADM. The solution will be generally available within the next 12 months. Monitoring Division has also developed a Multi Impairment Monitor (MIM) that simultaneously measures multiple common impairments on networks without affecting communications, fundamentally changing industry best practices.


Monitoring Division is making its debut at OFC/ NFOEC 2008 in San Diego, CA, February 26