More on March Madness and VC

Yup, my bracket is officially busted. Wisconsin going to the final game? What was I thinking?! Texas riding Kevin Durant’s slim shoulders all the way into the Final Four? Not going to happen! My B-school alma mater Stanford upsetting Louisville in the first round? Not even close!

So many of those “reasonable assumptions” (except for Stanford) now seem incredibly ill-conceived in the cold light of day. And my neat-and-tidy printout courtesy of looked so darned impressive when my printer first spit it out. Sort of reminded me of all those startup company pro forma financials, with one “reasonable assumption” piled on top of another and another to the point where the only thing you know is that the final projections just can’t be right….

So maybe I’ll give entrepreneurs more of a break when their actuals end up varying greatly from their original projections.

Nah. At least the only one who I asked to invest in my basketball prognosticating expertise was… me.