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There’s More Than One Way To Spell “Jackass”

No scandal is without its embarrassing details. Yesterday’s pay-for-play indictments revealed one especially juicy tidbit.

State of NY’s Chief Investment Officer David Loglisci is charged with taking “hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gifts and bribes for themselves and their families and friends,” in exchange for commitments from the state’s pension fund.

Among those gifts? Sham investments to help his brothers produce a low-budget movie called “Chooch.”

We’ve posted the trailer after the jump below. The movie, released in 2004, bares the tagline:

In the neighborhood of Bocci Park, Queens, God forbid you mess up and someone gives you a nickname. It can stick with you the rest of your life.

Thank private equity for inadvertently helping to bring this gem to the public. A reviewer on called it “an absolute chore to sit through, unless you happen to come from the same block as the filmmakers, in which case you might produce a few charitable chuckles, just to be nice.”

Anthony and Steve Loglisci (billed as The Loglisci Brothers) are executive producers of the movie, according to IMDB. Steve has one other producing credit under his belt for The Contender, but Chooch is the duo’s only joint foray into producing.