Morgan Stanley Capital Partners buys founder-led US HealthConnect, Mainsail to sell SentryOne, MiddleGround eyes up to $200m for overage fund ahead of next flagship

Morgan Stanley Capital Partners invests in US HealthConnect and Mainsail Partners agrees to sell SentryOne.

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Morgan Stanley Capital Partners an investment in US HealthConnect, which provides digital and pharmaceutical marketing, Sarah Pringle writes on PE Hub. US HealthConnect’s founder and management team rolled over substantial equity in the transaction.

US HealthConnect provides services to segments including oncology, cardiology and women’s health. Read Sarah’s story here on PE Hub.

Top Scoops
Mainsail Partners agreed to sell SentryOne, which provides database performance monitoring and data ops software, to SolarWinds. Read more here on PE Hub.

Trent Vichie, co-founder of Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners, is retiring from the $25 billion manager he helped build, reports Infrastructure Investor today. Check it out here.

MiddleGround Capital is preparing to raise an overfund of up to $200 million to take advantages of opportunities in “mobility” investments before it launches it next flagship fund next years, sources told me. Read more here on Buyouts.

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