Need to Meet: Andrew Saunders, Senior Managing Director, Castle Hill Capital Partners

“They all have to articulate who they are, what they’re doing, why should anyone care and to decide where they need to direct that message,” said Castle Hill Co-Founder Andrew Saunders. “We’d love to do more of these projects, especially in areas that are niche, or truly differentiated strategies and need explanation.”

Castle Hill, which launched in 2014 as a boutique advisor for hedge funds and private equity firms, recently landed an assignment with a private equity firm raising an infrastructure fund. The firm got the assignment through a referal by a placement agent.

“We’re focused on helping them create their marking materials and helping them establish their sales and investor relations process,” Saunders said. 

Castle Hill is also exploring opportunities to work with firms in the middle market, particularly, “newer and smaller funds that need to punch above their weight,” he said.

Saunders co-founded Castle Hill drawing on his experience as former head of capital introduction at Lazard Capital Markets, along with his work at Direct Access Partners and EFX Prime Services.

Castle Hill formally launched last November. Among its early milestones, it worked with a major foundation with about $1 billion in assets under management to expand its mandate and build a broader brand profile. It worked with the chief investment officer of the foundation to build a brand, craft internal and external marketing documents and a go-to-market plan highlighting the experience and knowledge of its investment team.

Traditionally, capital introduction involves a prime broker helping clients meet qualified investors. This skill-set offered by Saunders helps Castle Hill clients refine their branding message, and their investor relations and marketing.

A licensed broker-dealer registered with the SEC and a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Castle Hill offers consulting on brokerage solutions, strategic capital introduction, investor advisory and independent research.

Along with Saunders, Partners Brian Stutman, Michael Palazzi and Geoffrey Webster co-founded the New York-based firm. John Quartararo joined Castle Hill Capital Partners in April as a partner and senior managing director. He was an initial investor and senior partner of Merlin Securities before selling the firm to Wells Fargo in 2012. 

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