NestGSV Launches Startup Accelerator

NestGSV, Inc. said it launched its nestGSV startup accelerator in Redwood City, Calif. The accelerator’s initial focus will be ed tech; health and bio tech; cloud, SAAS and big data; mobile and wireless; software; eCommerce; ePay; gaming and social; and cleantech.


nestGSV Launches Next-Gen Accelerator as World’s First ‘Ecobator’ Technology Innovation Center

Silicon Valley-Based Interactive Startup Community & State-of-the-Art Tech Center Bring Together Essential Innovation Ecosystem Players to Solve Problems, Build Markets & Facilitate Successful Ventures

Redwood City, Calif., October 2, 2012 — nestGSV, Inc. today announced the launch of nestGSV, the world’s newest ‘ecobator’ (ecosystem + incubator), a next-generation accelerator, bringing together the participants of the entire innovation economy under one roof and global platform. nestGSV’s initial focus includes Ed tech, health & bio tech, cloud/SAAS/big data, mobile/wireless, software, eCommerce & ePay, gaming/social and clean tech.

As the world’s first “ecobator”, nestGSV furnishes a rich ecosystem of services essential to the success of emerging technology companies. nestGSV brings together entrepreneurs, investors, large corporations, professional service providers, governments and educational institutions to drive collaborative innovation, successful market adoption and growth. The center’s “ecobator” model fosters supportive relationships between players in the innovation economy that create mutual benefit for all involved parties.

“We are delighted to be able to announce the opening of nestGSV as the world’s first ecobator, a platform that supports all entities in the innovation economy, said Kayvan Baroumand, Founder and CEO, nestGSV. “Our vision is to develop a global standard for entrepreneurship and innovation. We envision nestGSV becoming the epicenter of Silicon Valley and growing to encompass centers of innovation around the world,” said Kayvan.

NestGSV will hold private and public events throughout the year, including:

·         Nest Invest, a private pitch event directed at the investment community and strategy partners
·         NestCon, open to the entire community, will provide thought leadership, expert panels and presentations by emerging technology companies throughout the day.
·         NestEdu, weekly education courses for entrepreneurs
·         Nest International Investment Forums

Startup companies presenting at nestGSV’s launch event:

3DBin (SaaS) is a user-friendly / low-cost / high quality software solution for 360° objects photography, automatically processes and weaves together object or product snapshots to create animated flash files for websites or as a tool for on-line auctions sites like eBay. Using 360 views allows y visitors can see more details with a full 360° view of objects or products.

BigLittleBang (Online gaming), is a ‘next-level’ virtual world for children to have fun and be creative with music, regardless of their musical background. Its objective is to encourage kids in the five to 15-year range to explore music via gaming in a 3D animated, futuristic space environment.

CityBlis (eCommerce/ Consumer Internet) is a personalized eCommerce platform for SMEs (Shopify meets online mall). Currently operating in US/UK/SWE/AUS, the innovation is a combination of consumer spending habits, social networks and data algorithms based on 6 degree of separation theories. CityBlis has created a way for SME’s to build personalized webstores inside an online mall.

Deal Labs (Technology Enabled Services) uses a stack of sophisticated marketing technologies and big data to quickly identify a group of ideal investors – by geography, professional experience, and areas of investment experience, delivering information to make an informed decision. This isn’t crowdfunding; it’s smartfunding.

Kngine (Search/ Mobile App) for Mobile’s algorithm reads the Web, tries to understand it and retains the knowledge inside Kngine’s memory into order to gets rid of the links and give users direct answers to their questions.

OtoGo Mobile provides Cloud-based ICT Solution For SMB as one-stop-shop for enterprise-level applications to increase business productivity on-the-go.

Pocket Literacy (Education Technology) is launching the first ever mobile Parent University to empower parents with personalized curriculum and mobile platform as their 0-12 year old child’s BEST teacher.

ProVital (Big Data/ Health 2.0/ Mobile) is building the world’s first medical crowdsourcing platform. The platform powers its mobile medical iOS apps (meds scanner, diabetes supply tracker, derm consult and HIV/AIDS therapy aide), but is also designed as a service-based API for other mobile health application developers.

Rendewoo (Social Discover/ Mobile App) employs event centric context leveraging users’ social cloud to match them with relevant events and people who share their interests and experiences?

SecondX’s (Digital Media) vision is to re-invent the web/TV experience by leveraging real-time data streams and video content, which is organized into channels which can be surfed by smart phones as a remote control for channel changes and feed changes, and as cloud-based Active and Auto surf

SMC (Life Science) is a regenerative medicine company focused on developing compounds that optimize the role that carbohydrates play in tissue regeneration.
other  presenters include:

Xuropa (b2b SaaS/PaaS) is a cloud computing company powering the migration to the cloud of installed enterprise software applications.  Using this platform, enterprise software companies instantly and securely stream their software from the cloud to their world-wide user-base. Customers use Xuropa to lower their cost of sales, shorten sales cycles, and generate revenues from new markets.

About nestGSV

nestGSV’s “ecobator” model fosters supportive relationships between players in the innovation economy that create mutual benefit for all involved parties. nestGSV’s Redwood City campus in the heart of Silicon Valley, strategically located halfway between San Francisco and San Jose and only five miles from global tech giants such as Facebook, Google, Oracle, and LinkedIn, to name a few.

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