Netviewer Nets $8.7 Million

Netviewer, a London-based internet developer focusing on “Web 3.0” has received 7 million Euros ($8.7 million) in funding from T-Online Venture Fund and European Founders Fund.

Press release:

Netviewer AG has gained two new strategic investors with T-Online Venture Fund and the European Founders Fund (Samwer brothers).

Major capital contributors excited about Communication 3.0
The two organisations are injecting a total of €7 million in venture capital into the Karlsruhe-based firm. Netviewer will use the infusion of capital to continue its international growth strategy.

“Netviewer has been incredibly successful in the arena of visual, networked communication and we want to be involved in the next phase of the company’s growth,” according to Harald Eisenächer, the Personal & Social Networking Director within the Products and Innovation division of Deutsche Telekom AG, parent company of T-Venture.

Oliver Samwer, co-founder of the European Founders Fund, is enthusiastic about the investment: “We see enormous potential for Netviewer to become a major global player. Their innovative solutions and intelligent expansion strategy put them in an outstanding position.”

Communication 3.0
Netviewer has been developing solutions for more effective internet-based collaboration since 2001. Its products enable users to view and edit documents jointly over the Internet as though the meeting participants were sitting at the same desk. Thousands of companies use Netviewer’s tools to move meetings online, saving time and money while reducing stress and lowering their environmental impact.

The next stage in communication tools development from Netviewer will be interactive Web TV that combines real-time desktop sharing and video. This will allow companies to gather their target audiences for live presentations over the Web at any time. Using the technology, a presenter will have the ability to display images, videos, and PowerPoint presentations from their own desktop control panel and answer chat-based questions from the viewers.

Netviewer has coined the term “Communication 3.0” to describe this type of visual communication.
Dr. Andreas Schweinbenz, founder and CEO of Netviewer AG, comments, “Winning the trust of two such respected investors as Oliver Samwer and T-Venture is a great recognition of our success so far. The new funds will enable us to take visual online communications to the next level.”

About Netviewer
Founded 2001 in Karlsruhe, Netviewer ( is Europe’s leading provider of real-time collaboration software with currently over 280 employees worldwide. The Netviewer service enables users to view each other’s PC screen simultaneously in order to work on all kinds of documents, calculations or graphs together – regardless of where the participants are located. Real-time collaboration and communication via the internet significantly reduce the time and cost of travel and thus increase productivity.

More than 15,000 corporations and SMEs from over 55 countries, including SAP, TNT, Espresso Education, Capita, Admiral Insurance, British Horseracing Board, and Fidelity Investments all rely on the ease of use the Netviewer tools offer. With headquarters in Germany, Netviewer has subsidiaries in Switzerland, France, The United Kingdom, The United States, The Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Italy and Sweden.

About T-Online Venture Fund
T-Online Venture Fund was founded in 2001 and presides over investments worth €100 million. It is managed by T-Venture (, Deutsche Telekom’s venture capital firm. Its mission is to help the Products and Innovations division of Deutsche Telekom reach its goals. It focuses its investments on Internet and media firms.

About European Founders Fund
Before founding European Founders Fund ( in 2006, brothers Oliver, Marc, and Alexander Samwer had already founded and sold two Internet-based companies (Alando and Jamba). Today the Samwer brothers are among the most influential investors in the European online industry. Their portfolio contains more than 30 Internet businesses, including Facebook, Lokalisten, Bigpoint, Hitflip, LinkedIn, and Sport1.