Networked Insights Raises $4 Million

Networked Insights, a Madison, Wis.-based customer interaction network, has raised $4 million in first-round funding from Kegonsa Capital.


Networked Insights today formally announced its company launch, product and first customer, defining the new standard for market research. Networked Insights' on-demand platform connects like-minded customers in brand-focused communities and helps companies gain highly granular, strategically impactful insights from customer interactions to inform a range of business decisions, including marketing, sales, and research and development.


Networked Insights also announced that it closed series A funding of $4 million from Kegonsa Capital, a Madison based venture capital firm. Kegonsa Capital was recently named a top 100 VC by Entrepreneur magazine.


“Networked Insights has changed the approach to market and customer research. What was once a company controlled process is now defined by customers, delivering richer, unbiased and actionable information to companies,” said Daniel Neely, CEO of Networked Insights. “We give customers a platform on which to communicate and connect, and make it easy for companies to compile and execute on the wants, needs and sentiments of their customers.”


Market research has traditionally been driven by various methods including surveys and focus groups. While those strategies have evolved with the digital age, customer conversations and word of mouth still remain the most powerful form of feedback for a brand. Networked Insights is the first company to deliver market research generated by the customer, where they decide what issues and topics are most relevant. Instead of proving a hypothesis or testing different theories, companies are now faced with new topics and issues directly from the customer that they may have never identified as important issues.


Networked Insights is currently working with The Guild, the leading online retailer of original art and fine craft, to power a community on its e-commerce website, The relationship has resulted in more than 500 members to its Artful