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New firm Birch Equity Partners forms in Atlanta, Georgia

A new firm called Birch Equity Partners has launched headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, to focus on investing in expansion stage businesses. The firm was formed by Holcombe Green, Jr., Vincent Oddo and R. Kirby Godsey.

Press Release

Birch Equity Partners is a new private equity firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, focused on investing in established expansion-stage businesses with future growth potential. Birch Equity Partners is a partnership between Holcombe Green, Jr., Vincent M. Oddo and Dr. R. Kirby Godsey.

“Birch Equity Partners has been a vision of ours for some time and we are excited to finally get started,” said Vincent M. Oddo, Managing Partner. “Our prior success growing and operating Birch Communications has enabled us to develop a unique set of assets and resources which we think will be very valuable to small and mid-sized expansion-stage businesses that are seeking capital as well as practical management expertise and a unique set of back-office capabilities.”

“Over the past 18 years, as we have grown Birch Communications, we have learned a great deal about what it takes to grow from a small expansion-stage firm into a much larger established firm,” said Oddo. “We are now prepared to leverage this experience and success by seeking out other expansion-stage firms and using our capital and our expertise to assist them as they build great businesses.”

“While there are many private equity firms available in today’s marketplace, Birch Equity Partners can offer more than just a capital investment,” Oddo states. “The real value that we offer is our depth of experience that comes from years of hands-on, successful M&A, Back-Office Operations, Call Center Operations, Business Modeling and Communications expertise that we can offer businesses looking to reach the next level. No one else has what we can offer.”

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About Birch Equity Partners
Birch Equity Partners is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It is a private equity firm focused broadly on investing in high-growth, expansion-stage, and privately-held companies. Birch Equity has pioneered a management-based approach to private equity investing, partnering with management teams and adding value far beyond the infusion of capital to help entrepreneurs build great businesses.
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