New lower mid-market PE firm WILsquare Capital launches

St. Louis, Missouri-based WILsquare Capital, a new private equity firm that will focus on lower middle market companies in the Midwest and South, has been established. The firm will target companies in various industry sectors, with revenues between $20 million and $60 million and an EBITDA of $2 million to $7 million. William L. Willhite and James G. Wilmsen are the co-founders.


ST. LOUIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–August 10, 2015–Businesses throughout the Midwest and Southern U.S. have a new partner that can help them grow and thrive for generations to come.

Co-founders William L. Willhite (Bill) and James G. Wilmsen (Jamie) today announced the formal launch of WILsquare Capital, a private equity firm formed to address the unique capital needs and growth opportunities of Midwestern and Southern businesses in the lower-middle market.

Believing this sector requires a unique and differentiated approach, the firm’s partners each bring more than 20 years of experience in private equity and in business ownership and stewardship. They have a proven track record of serving companies in this unique segment of the market, guiding them through growth, transitions and sustained success.

“Throughout the Midwest and South, there are businesses built by entrepreneurs, business owners and management teams that emphasize culture, values and family,” said Bill Willhite, WILsquare Capital’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner. “We understand the unique challenges these business owners face when seeking a partner for the future of their company. We will invest not only financial capital in those businesses, but our team will work hard to grow those businesses, while being careful to protect the owner’s reputation and legacy with their employees and within their industry.”

Based in St. Louis, the firm primarily will focus on businesses located in the Midwest and South that are often family-owned, in a variety of industry sectors, with revenues of $20 million to $60 million and EBITDA of $2 million to $7 million.

“We are a heartland business ourselves with heartland values, and believe that the currency of success is accountability and dependability,” said Jamie Wilmsen, Co-Founder and Partner with WILsquare Capital. “We identify with the unique challenges a lower-middle market company faces to achieve and sustain success and to innovate and grow. We have lived this in our own professional experiences and look forward to sharing these experiences with our partners.”

Bill has spent more than 20 years in Private Equity with total fund commitments exceeding $1.5 billion. His experience includes providing strategic direction and advice to lower-middle market companies, their management teams and their shareholders. He has participated in more than 100 M&A transactions exceeding $5 billion. Bill has also served as a director of 30 lower-middle market companies, including 14 as the senior member of the Board of Directors.

Jamie is a senior business leader with more than 20 years of proven managerial, operational, financial and profit loss management experience. His hands-on, entrepreneurial management experience in technology, manufacturing/distribution, retail, brand development and sales and marketing allows him to draw upon a unique set of experiences and understanding to work with business owners and management teams to drive organizational growth and accelerated profitability.

Willhite and Wilmsen have been joined by Jack Randazzo who brings a strong analytical and financial background rooted in the understanding of risks and opportunities facing lower-middle market businesses. His experiences include leverage underwriting for significant mergers and acquisitions, company performance monitoring, extensive financial modeling and auditing of public and non-public companies.

WILsquare Capital has established operations at Three CityPlace Drive, Suite 1090, St. Louis, Missouri 63141. For more information and to contact the partners directly, visit