New Rooting Interest

Updated after jump Who do I want to win the Chicago Cubs auction? That’s what I’m trying to figure out, after learning that a group led by John Canning didn’t even bid enough to make the second round. Remember, my only condition is that the winner have enough PE cred to let me write about baseball without getting reprimanded.

According to a report from my colleague Ben Klayman, I’m left with two main possibilities: A group led by Michael Tokarz, who runs publicly-traded business development company MVC Capital, and a group led by Leo Hindery, who runs private equity firm InterMedia Partners.

Tokarz gets points for including Fred Malek, mostly-retired founder of Thayer Capital Partners. Hindery gets extra credit for continuing to be active in private equity circles, and for speaking up for changing the tax treatment of carried interest (although he may reconsider if he ends up paying more than $1 billion for the Cubs).

So a virtual tie right now. I’ll be happy either way. Just hope it doesn’t go to Mark Cuban. What can I do with that?

Update: A Chicago insider emails: “Not out, just Zell sending a shot across the bow. We’re still in the first inning.”