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Lenovo Group Ltd. might consider a rival offer for fellow PC maker Gateway, according to a speculative piece on Gateway yesterday agreed to be acquired for $710 million, of $1.90 per share, by Acer
EnerWorks Inc., an Ontario
Email of the Day comes from Dale: “Dan, you’ve been reliably bearish over the past two years, insisting that the credit markets would eventually stop providing such cheap debt to private equity firms. Then once it finally happens, you begin talking ‘bull’ about how the market will survive, deals will get done, etc. I’ve concluded […]
I have issued exactly one piece of investment advice since the credit crunch began six weeks ago: Buy stock in publicly-traded companies that have already agreed to go private. One or two might sour, but the overall “index” will generate positive returns. If you did so, I accept thanks in the form of story leads and/or […]
Luvata Oy, an industrial solutions company owned by Nordic Capital, has acquired ECO SpA, a portfolio company of Compass Partners European Equity Fund. No financial terms were disclosed. ECO is a Pocenia, Italy-based manufacturer of coils and coolers for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industries. Baird advised Compass Partners on the sale.
Fundless equity sponsors are the ultimate gamblers in the private equity universe. Sourcing and vetting deals without any committed capital, lining up financial sponsors on a deal-by-deal basis, and paying out of pocket for office space and due diligence, they roll the dice with each transaction. “We have to make it work. Fundless sponsors live […]
Today’s top news is that a tentative agreement has been reached by the feuding Hatfields, McCoys, Dimons, Fulds, Langones and every other party involved in the Home Depot Supply sale. The original $10.3 billion price-tag has been knocked to $8.5 billion, with Home Depot expected to retain a 12.5% position. Three quick reactions: 1. The […]
Dunkin Brands Inc. has agreed to acquire the 50% stake in its Spanish affiliate
AKQA Inc., a San Francisco-based interactive marketing company, has acquired search marketing company Searchrev, according to The Wall Street Journal. General Atlantic bought AKQA earlier this year for between $200 million and $250 million from Francisco Partners.
[Monday update] It looks like negotiations on the Home Depot Supply sale will drag into the weekend, as the three-headed monster continues to bicker with itself. One head is Home Depot, which was the first to blink by entertaining the notion of a $1.2 billion price reduction. It seems that its entertainment is serious enough to be deemed an upper-crust dinner […]

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