NewSpring invests in Radius

NewSpring has invested in Radius Global Market Research, a New York-based market research firm. Proceeds of the deal were used to acquire Cincinnati-based Illumination Research.


NewSpring (the “Firm”), a family of private equity funds, announced today that NewSpring Mezzanine (“NewSpring”), the Firm’s dedicated mezzanine strategy, has made an investment in Radius Global Market Research, LLC (“Radius” or the “Company”). Proceeds from the transaction were used to acquire Illumination Research, Inc. (“Illumination”), expanding the Company’s service offerings and geographic range.

Radius is a Top 50 market research firm headquartered in New York, NY, specializing in quantitative market research with over 150 active client companies across various industries. Illumination is a complementary market research firm headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, that specializes in qualitative research methods, offering a blend of custom research and agile technology solutions to Fortune 500 customers. The combined business creates a Top 25 market research firm with robust qualitative and quantitative offerings and opportunities for continued global expansion.

“The support and expertise offered by NewSpring, coupled with the experience and solutions Illumination offers, allows us to continue to provide impeccable services to our clients while broadening our portfolio of capabilities in response to industry demand,” said Chip Lister, Radius Managing Director. “We are excited to take on this next phase of our business with dedicated and experienced partners.”

“Radius is taking great steps toward expanding its capabilities and reach in the market research industry,” said Steve Hobman, NewSpring General Partner. “The combined strength of Radius and Illumination effectively aligns with broader industry trends and we look forward to working with Radius to catalyze this tremendous opportunity.”

About Radius
Radius Global Market Research excels at addressing complex issues in development, marketing and communications for Fortune 500s, multinational companies and other industry leaders. Radius is a global team of smart marketers and savvy research professionals with diverse experience across dozens of industries. They are committed to bringing cutting-edge, custom research solutions to every engagement so that you can maximize your brand growth. Their intellectual capital is truly global, as Radius research engagements stretch from Asia, across Africa and Europe, to the Americas. For more information, visit