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NexusCrowd raises funding for $15.5 mln condo development deal

Canadian online investment platform NexusCrowd has collaborated with Downing Street Financial on a $15.5 million 1st mortgage investment on a property in the Greater Toronto Area. NexusCrowd raised $540,000 in debt capital from investors for the mortgage, the proceeds of which will be used to consolidate existing debt and provide bridge financing for the Phase I development of a multi-phase residential condominium project. Downing Street is Toronto-based real estate investment manager and merchant bank.


NexusCrowd Closes First Online Debt Offering for Real Estate

Raised $540,000 in debt capital for development lands in Ajax, Ontario through innovative online investment platform

Toronto, ON – June 7, 2016 – NexusCrowd Inc. (“NexusCrowd”) announced today that it has closed its first debt transaction and third consecutive deal, raising $540,000. Our partner, Downing Street Financial Inc. (“Downing Street”) is providing a $15.5 million 1st mortgage investment on a 25 acre property located in Ajax, Ontario near Toronto.

“With the closing of our first debt deal, we have been able to demonstrate our ability to provide investors with unique investment opportunities that span multiple real estate asset classes and security type” said Hitesh Rathod, CEO of NexusCrowd. “This transaction provided our investors with access to an asset-based debt investment with a compelling risk/return profile.”

About the Transaction
The $15.5 million 1st mortgage investment is secured by 25 acres of development lands located in Ajax, Ontario. The mortgage will be used to consolidate existing debt and to provide bridge financing for the Phase I development of a multi-phase residential condominium project. The mortgage is structured with senior and junior positions within the 1st mortgage. NexusCrowd investors participated in the junior position of the 1st mortgage which was $5.5 million of the $15.5 million total investment. NexusCrowd’s allocation was $500,000, however, due to strong demand, the allocation was increased to $540,000. The term of the mortgage is for 15 months.

About NexusCrowd Inc.
NexusCrowd is the first investment platform in Canada that provides accredited investors with exclusive access to co-invest alongside institutional investors in deals that have reached at least 50% of the funding target.

NexusCrowd is led by a team with expertise in financial services, technology and institutional finance. It’s the only investment platform in Canada registered as an exempt market dealer that uniquely partners with institutions on equity and debt investments. Combined with proprietary investment and fundraising technology, NexusCrowd provides a simple, transparent process for accredited investors, and a frictionless way for partners to raise new capital. For further information, visit

Investor benefits:
Exclusive access to invest alongside institutional partners
Minimum investment size of $10,000 (up to 25x lower than industry average)
Investment terms that are typically reserved for institutional investors
Professional investment management and reporting
Regulated investment platform

How it Works:
Accredited investors sign up for free, at, with no obligation to invest.
Gain access to investment opportunities on the platform that match investment goals.
Select and invest in the opportunity of the investor’s choice.
Monitor progress of investments through the platform’s easy-to-use, investment dashboard.

About Downing Street Realty Partners
Downing Street Realty Partners, parent of Downing Street Financial Inc., is focused on a range of real estate investment management and real estate merchant banking activities. Downing Street acts as both principals and independent advisors to its clients and offers investment, transaction and management expertise stemming from significant expertise in the real estate market as owners, intermediaries and asset managers. Downing Street strategically identifies and executes private market transactions, adding value to its clients across their real estate and investment needs while enhancing their risk adjusted returns.

Since its founding in 1986, Downing Street has acquired, repositioned and developed over 3 million square feet of residential, office, commercial and industrial properties in Ontario, as well as other provinces in Canada. Further information can be found at

Media and Investor Contact:
Hitesh Rathod, CEO
NexusCrowd Inc.
1 (877) 487-6506

Photo courtesy of Reuters/Mark Blinch