Nexxus Iberia and Capzanine invest in three Spain-based healthcare brands

Nexxus Iberia and Capzanine have invested in three healthcare brands based in Spain: Dorsia, Eva Fertility and Origen. No financial terms were disclosed.


Nexxus Iberia and Capzanine acquired a minority stake in Dorsia, Eva & Origen (the “Group”), a leading franchise business operating in women’s health in Spain to support and accelerate its expansion in Spain and internationally.

The Group operates three brands being Dorsia (Spain’s undisputed leader in aesthetic surgery and medicine treatments), Eva Fertility (leading chain in assisted reproduction and fertility services in Spain) and Origen (mental health therapies). Each brand enjoys a “high-quality service at an affordable price” positioning within its respective market.

Founded in 2002, Dorsia has specialised in providing the most innovative treatments with the highest quality standards under the motto of “responsible beauty”. Its differentiated positioning and value-proposition has allowed Dorsia to become the undisputed market leader.

Eva Fertility is the fertility care branch of the Group. Founded only 3 years ago, Eva Fertility has been able to position itself as one of the leading brands in Spain within its sector. Origen is the youngest brand of the Group, founded in 2017, and a pioneer company in providing psychology medicine retail services in Spain.

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