NiXEN Partners Appoints Houlot as Partner

NiXEN Partners has appointed Vincent Houlot as a partner. Houlot joined the firm in 2002.


Vincent Houlot, 37 years old, graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris and Oxford University, began his career in 1998 with the consulting firm Bossard Gemini Consulting.
In 2002, he joined NiXEN Partners where he has been involved especially in operations such as Aerocan (aluminium aerosol cans), Asteelflash (electronics manufacturing services), Ceva (laboratory specialising in animal health), Malherbe (road haulage), Saverglass (luxury glass bottles), Titanobel (explosives for industrial use).
About NiXEN Partners:
NiXEN is an independent private equity firm specialising in Flexible Equity with €634 million of funds under management. As a lead investor, NiXEN provides flexible and personalised solutions addressing all types of capitalistic and strategic development issues for companies with revenues higher than €50 million. Working in its sectors of expertise, NiXEN invests more than €10 million per transaction, in companies with highly committed management teams, executing an ambitious industry consolidation, through buyout and spin-off transactions.
NiXEN’s main investments include AsteelFlash (electronics manufacturing services), Babeau Seguin (builder of single-family detached homes), Buffalo Grill (steakhouse restaurant chain), Ceva (laboratory specialising in animal health), Labco (pan-European network of clinical laboratories), La Grande Récré (specialist retailer of games and toys), Maisons du Monde (decoration and furniture retailer), Vedici (private clinics for medicine, surgery and obstetrics).
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