Nordic Backs NYX Interacticve

NYX Interactive, a Swedish supplier of systems for digitally-distributed gaming entertainment, has raised EUR 5 million in VC funding from Nordic Venture Partners.




Nordic Venture Partners, the leading Scandinavian ICT venture capital firm, today announced a EUR 5 million investment in NYX Interactive. The investment is a further testament to NYX being a world-class developer and supplier of online gaming technology and will aid the company in its international expansion.


Per von Zelowitz, Partner of Nordic Venture Partners: “With our long experience within the gaming and entertainment industry and through our successful investments in this area including Essnet, Funcom and Player X, it is clear that NYX Interactive has a world class team, technology and product portfolio. The Company was established two years ago and has already become a market leader and next generation supplier in the interactive gaming market.”


Staffan Lindgren, CEO of NYX Interactive: “In addition to being a significant transaction in financial terms, it is also a validation that we have chosen the right direction – a strategy that allows us to create greater benefits for our customers in their gaming operations due to new, modern and flexible solutions. Furthermore, we are moving to a new level, where we will expand to become a true international company and supplier to the state run lottery operators and traditional licensed operators. This investment enables us to ramp up our growth strategy, which is tremendously valuable to our operator customers. They cannot afford to be locked into inflexible and proprietary systems, with restrictions that prohibit rapid adaptation. With our new partner and the funding of the company, we are able to improve our time-to-market with new and existing products and services. To prevent loss of players to competitors, operators must launch their game offerings faster and increase availability, which is greatly facilitated by NYX technology.”



About NYX: Nyx Interactive has in a short time become one of the world's leading independent and total suppliers of systems for digitally distributed gaming entertainment. NYX Interactive develops gaming system solutions for such distribution channels as personal computers/Internet, interactive gaming terminals and digital- TV. Licensees are offered a customized gaming system, an integrated payment system and operator related services.


About Nordic Venture Partners: Nordic Venture Partners is a venture capital firm with a portfolio of investments in the Information and Communications Technology sector. Our objective is to identify and develop unique young companies and partner with world class entrepreneurs in the following areas: enterprise software and hardware, communications.